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    Exclamation Shadow priest help!

    Howdie priest community!

    A guildie of mine is playing as a shadow priest and he is currently struggling abit with his DPS, doing about 13k dps on Argaloth with an equipped item level of 354. I figure he must be doing something quite wrong since as far as i know, the current state of shadow DPS is fine.

    His rotation looks like this: Dots > Mindflay untill 2-3 orbs > MB, and if boss is below 50% health SW.

    I'm not allowed to post links since my user is fairly new, his character name is Veetó on EU Silvermoon.

    Any tips for him would be welcome!

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    Never let the empowered shadow buff from using orbs fall off, dont clip your dots, use SW: D on cooldown for mana return

    It doesnt matter if you have one orb or three, that only increases the next blast or spike, the important part to dps is the Empowered shadow buff that follows, and remember, if you put up dots before having that buff you need to re-apply to gain the benefit of the buff. Same goes for haste modifiers.

    Even though SW: D is a dps loss it is very good for mana return if that is the problem. Judging by the Dispersion glyph he is probably using that to return mana which is a much bigger dps loss. You dont really want to give up time dpsing to sit in dispersion.
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    Execute phase is 25% for a Shadow Priest, not 50%. He should not be using SW;D unless he has mana problems while the target is above 25% HP.

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    I'm betting that he's letting Empowered Shadows fall off. He should use his shadowfiend if he isn't and honestly at that gear level, i don't remember having much issue with mana. tell him not to use sw;d til below 25% unless manas a problem. He should always spam it twice (glyphed of course).

    It seems like you're more worried about his dps than he is. Send him here!

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    Also, last time I read you should be mind blasting with 1-3 orbs.

    Still 13k seems fine, certainly nothing a bit of practice and reading of EJ or newnoise's guide won't sort out.

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    My dps always seems to suck on that fight. I try my damndest and i put out 13k. Yet, most Heroic bosses i can do 15-16k...

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    He lacks haste and has a lot of crit. Make him get the hit+sp trinket from TB faction. That gives him a lot more ability to reforge/take haste items. If he wants to use orange gems make him go for 20int+20haste instead of crit. Change the meta to 54 int+ 3 % crit (requires 3 red gems so its no big deal), 50int or even haste to back imo is better then crit. Change glyph of disperison to sw:d one. make him also use faster MD glyph for raids, other then that didnt really see anything wrong with his spec. I usulay pop first fiend after dots are applied to not have to sw:d for mana since it is a dps loss. I MB at start after first orb pops to get empowered shadow effect asap.
    If you want then my character is Wocha on Eu-Al'Akir. I do around 21-22k on Argaloth but im sure there are better SP-s here with maybe better advice.
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    Just looked at his armory.

    he should switch his meta to burning shadowspirit.
    he should put brilliant inferno ruby in his shoulders
    he should use int cloak enchant instead of crit.
    he should NEVER gem for crit. he should be using 2x Reckless Ember Topaz instead of those crit gems in his chest.
    Power Torrent to weapon if he can afford it.
    Reforge crit on his trinket to haste.
    He should drop the glyph of dispersion and pick up shadow word: death glyph.
    He also has two empty major glyph slots.
    Drop the mastery boot enchant and get haste.
    Get a belt bucket and put a +40 int gem in it.

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    SW: D below 25% you mean? I dont really think the spell does anything special at 50%.

    But hey, what do I know, I'm only level 66 atm.

    His rotation looked fine, I guess. Dots > mindblast (if any orbs) > SW: D if target is at 25% or lower > mindflay. I dont know exactly where SW : D fits in, but I guess its where I put it.
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    Yeah, made a mistake, I meant 25%. Apparently he wasn't aware of the Empowered Shadow buff, I'll link him this thread so he can get some tips.

    Thanks for all the answers!

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    1. Replace Meta Gem with the new one that has int and crit on it.
    2. Don't gem pieces that has mastery bonus to it. IE his chest piece. Replace the red gem with brilliant inferno.
    3. As a Shadow Priest Haste out weighs Crit!
    4. His talent is off for PVE, remove the point from psychic scream and put it somewhere else.
    5. His glyphs arn't correct for PVE raiding.
    6. Mastery sucks

    Rotation should be this:
    VT > SW: Pain > DP > Mindflay
    Refresh DOTs as needed.

    Use Mindblast as soon as it comes off CD <-- Mind blast does more damage this patch and should be used often!
    *** Time your Shadow Word: Death so that you cast it AFTER you cast Mind blast for additional damage.

    Use Shadowfiend each time it comes off of CD
    Use Dark Archangel as it comes off of CD
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