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    [Beginner Open RP] The Endless Adventure

    This is another RP for people who are beginners or aren't sure whether they want to make a character and join us here on the forums. As the title says, this is an endless adventure! The rules are simple; the first person who posts will be able to choose the story of the adventure, and people can join in whenever the want. The first poster can also choose whether it's a serious RP (SRP), or a comedic RP (CRP). When the adventure's over, or when people are bored (try to at least get SOMEWHAT through the previous adventure), another person can chance the plot and go on a completely different adventure, as well as change the thread from CRP to SRP, or vica versa. So for example, the thread could start out as an adventure into Zul'Aman to get the legendary crystal tusk of Thel'Zuji, and then become a quest to get the world's fattest tauren his very own pink teapot from Gnomeregan Tea Incorporated.

    And remember guys, as said in the other thread, no trolling... We're always watching :P

    ~The Madgod

    This is now closed due to lack of people actually furthering the plot, sorry folks :<
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    ((Well this is just sad! No one's responded in nearly four days! I think I'd better get it started!))

    Into the Maelstrom:- The Quest for Azshara's Veil (CRP)

    Phillys Whizzlebang was a famous Gnomish Alchemist and tailor and was renowned throughout Gnomeregan for his skillful craft. But one day disaster struck! Phillys had just finished an order for the High Priestess of the night elves when the cataclysm tore straight through his shop, destroying all his cloth stocks and all his herbs. The only place he could replace some of those rare materials were with material's from the Naga.

    Knowing he could not go it alone, Phyllis sat in booty bay for several days, utilising the latest gnomish engineering technology to hehlp him recruit people; The Giant yellow Question mark.

    Many had taken his quest, but how many would return with a giant yellow question mark?

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    A little gnome was walking along when his gaze wandered over another of his race, his eyes flashing yellow, reflecting off the question mark above the other's head. Intrigued, he began to make his way towards the gnome, excited at the prospect of a few more gold pieces in his pockets.

    ((Come on people, this is a brilliant idea!))

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    Lahrein slowly wandered around the town of Booty Bay, disguised as a normal Draenei. Yet, an amber symbol floated above a nearby Gnome. Increasing her pace, Lahrein sprinted towards the short fellow. Standing before him, she roared, as her eyes glowed in a fel-like shade of green. Pointing her arms to the air, hundreds of infernals rained down from the skies, yet, they all seemingly landed within the water. Extinguished, the rocks continued the floar amongst the surface. Looking upon the Gnome, Lahrein bellowed in her thunderous voice, "INSIGNIFICANT GNAT. I SHALL FULFILL YOUR TASK, IN THE NAME OF THE LEGION!".

    Yet, for a split second, a hint of blue caught her eyes. Looking down upon her hands, she realised that she was still within her Draenei guise. Coughing loudly to avoid any suspicion, she looked upon the bewildered quest NPC. "Hai. I am gud Drenai. Kan I halp yu upon this shiny day, filld wth hapiness nd prettyness?!", she muttered in a cutesy voice, her cyan eyes seemingly large and aborable.

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    A Troll tumbled over the planks of Booty Bay, followed by a serpent. After an evening filled with substance abuses, he wasn't feeling too good, and tried to get some pickled herring to treat his hangover.

    Whoooa stop movin' stoopid floor.

    The troll saw a little gnome and a Draenei standing before him. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the gnome again.

    What kind of Voodoo be dat?

    The troll poked the Yellow thingy floating over the gnome.

    I gotta stop licking dem woodfrogs. he thought to himself.

    Hey dere, little Snack, you need help?

    ((I know clichee, sue me. :P ))

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    It's only for a short time Vylana promised herself, Go in, get some supplies, get out. No dealing with Goblins.

    She tightened her coin-pouch on her belt as she walked into the cave before Booty Bay. She had just finished a job here in Stranglethorn, and wanted to grab something to eat before heading back...she hated dealing with Goblins though. More than once she'd be tricked into buying some expensive weapons only to have it fall apart before even getting to use it!

    As Vylana came out of the tunnel she was surprised by how many people were actually in this town I always thought it would be mostly empty, with the Cataclysm and all... she thought.

    "Wait...what is that?!", she said aloud as she noticed something...was it a question mark? And...why was it gold? Is that a Gnome under it?

    I HAVE to check that out!

    Thoughts of supplies gone, she races over to the Gnome.
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    Catherine was not comfortable, not at all. Booty Bay was far too crowded for her taste, and there were so many different types of people there. Catherine saw goblins, gnomes, taurens, worgens - everything. Even humans. She had been looking for days now. There was no sign of him, she had given up. It was clear Benjamin was not here, nor had anyone seen him nearby. Catherine sighed. It was time to go home to Undercity once again.

    She covered her head before she sneaked out of the shadows. It was then she saw it. It giant, yellow question mark bouncing in the air a bit further away. Curiosity took over, and Catherine moved through the crowds towards it. She had never seen anything like it before.
    Just then, Catherine felt a rough bump to her right shoulder. She looked up and saw a night elf that was rushing in the same direction as Catherine. She lost her balance for a second, but managed to get on her feet quickly before she tripped over her oversized robe.

    ((nvm this post, realized too late that it was in fact CRP, not QRP))
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    The crowd to the floating question mark was enormous! And on the thin planks of wood used for roads it was very hard to get through them.

    It's probably just some party trick
    Vylana thought as she pushed her way through the crowds fairly recklessly, nearly causes a few people to fall over Just a party trick, not even worth my time to see what it's for. Still...

    She was almost there! Now that she was closer she could see a Draenie and Troll already talking to the gnome.

    "What is this for? How did you make it?"
    She asked anyway
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    "Damnation...these were the last coins I had" Alexander thought as he left the blacksmith's shop, his hands firmly holding the longbow he bought. "Be damned, Deathwing..since you tore the world assunder, I find myself stealing pockets and hunting for non-existent treasure instead of fulfilling assassination contracts.."

    The tall human wore dark leather clothes and a hood which covered his spikey hair. As he went down the docks he couldn't help but notice a strange gnome with a question mark above his head.

    "Now what could that be? I should check it out. It's not as if people stand in line asking me to kill their enemies"

    As he began to make his way to the gnome through the crowded dock, he let the hood fall down his head and changed his ironic expression into a large smile, before approaching the gnome with a warm:

    "What can I do for you, my friend?"

    EDIT:Ehm,what type or RP is it actualy ? EDIT2:Oh snap, I was way too serious.
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    ((Hi! I'm a new RP and I'd like to try it. I won't write much, so if you'll see me disappear make a joke out of it!!))

    "No! No! Rosmarie, STOP! I said STOP, STUPID GRIPHON!" shouted Xenor while losing the control of the flying beast. The creature started to get annoying around the Gurubashi Arena, after being hit by a FrostBolt in her a...nkle.

    A gentle woman voice started talking from the back of the griphon's head: "Hi. Your griphon seems to has lost his Magic Obediance Ankle Bracelet for unknown reasons. For the people safety, the Ending Voyage Device in the grifon's belly has been activated. You have now 5 seconds to land in a safe place and reach a secure distance of 100 feet. Thank you for flying with Royals Voyage. The best magic controlled griphons company in Stormwind!"

    "What the ..." Xenor jumped as fast as possible but an explosions of burning feathers and hot limbs just hurled him across Booty Bay, landing on the giant yellow question mark.

    After gaining counsciousness he find himself lyingon the floor, looking the sky, with a yellow thing on him... and some griphon brain. "What is this thing?"

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    Thunderstomp gazed out over the bay from his chair in the tavern. Drunkenly, he realized that his mug was half empty.

    "Or ish thsh hald full..?" he wondered. "BARKEEPER! I want shmore ale pleashe." He hiccuped. He stumbled over to the bar, and continued to gaze out the window. From his new view, he could see a crowd gathering around a small, blurry yellow thing.

    Thunderstomp squinted, then leaned forward, trying to see what it was. Unfortunately, he leaned just a tad bit too far, and fell forward, face-planting to the ground. Thunderstomp groaned then sat up, "Make thoshe two to go pleashe." the barkeeper just looked at him. "NOW SHCUM! HIC"

    Thunderstomp wobbled out of the tavern on his hoofs, tripping over everything possible. The very drunk Tauren just barely managed to get to the crowd without falling into the bay.

    "THUNDERSHTOMP AT YOUR SHERVICE!" he boomed. "I'm the greatesht... the greatesht... the great..." and he fell over on his side, the two mugs of beer spilling over everything. His last thought was, "Thish ground is very shoft..." before he fell into a deep, sleep, snoring contentedly.

    The Gnome who had happened to be next to him wasn't so lucky.
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    Kneeling behind a crate in a dark alley in Booty Bay, Behati was peering out at a large crowd that seemed to be investigating some unfortunate gnome. She cared little for the gnome, Rogues were not known for their sympathy, or empathy for that matter. Velvet eyes scanning the clumsy patrons from under her pulled up leather hood, some of them seemed to have had just the right amount of dwarven ale, she picked her targets with care. "Just a quick in and out, 3-4 pockets maybe, just enough for a loaf of bread" - Stealing had become a lot harder since the breaking of the world, everyone seemed to be on edge and seemed to think they were being watched at all times. This made her job a bit harder, when she WAS actually watching them.

    Suddenly she saw a huge Tauren make his way forcefully through the crowd, she made out the words: "THAWNDERSCHDOMP" before she saw the unlucky fellow crash to the ground, taking atleast 2-3 gnomes with him. A sudden wave of panic and confusion hit the crowd like a cold bath on a sunday morning: "This is just too easy!" Behati smirked as she swiftly made her way to the nearest targets.

    She allready had a few silver coins in her pouch when she spotted the source of the commotion, a lone gnome standing in the middle of the crowd with a big yellow mark magically floating above his head. Behati stopped dead in her tracks: "What the dickens...?!" She mumbled. Her instinct was telling her to get out of the crowd before people started questioning the hooded stalker amongst them, but her interest got the best of her. Folding her hood down, revealing her gentle face, she moved towards the gnome ( only clearing a few pockets on the way!) and spoke directly at him:

    "I dunno what ye be doin' Gnome, but if there be coin involved you bet yer life you can count Behati (she gestured at herself) in, fortune prick me!"

    ((Sorry for the WoT reference, but it just seemed too fitting for this character :P ))
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