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Thread: imp levitate

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    imp levitate

    I would totally use 2 talent points in a talent that does NOTHING but make levitate not break on damage.
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    Would be nice, but it'd kind of trivialize situations such as Asaad's static cling and the quakes in Stonecore. I'd take a talent that did the same thing but did not work in dungeons.
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    I was prepared to see levitating imps....

    Son, i am disappoint.
    Quote Originally Posted by addictedtotoads
    also i vote that warriors have a 10% chance to trip while charging and roll until you hit a wall or fall off a cliff!

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    i'd spend 1pt in imp. levitate if it allowed me to levitate while mounted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacrypheyes View Post
    i'd spend 1pt in imp. levitate if it allowed me to levitate while mounted.

    Please, Blizzard? I promise not to QQ about getting nerfed for at least 1 month!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davhorn View Post
    I was prepared to see levitating imps....

    Son, i am disappoint.
    I was also expecting something along this line. Oh well.

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    It's an idea I had the other day as well. Back when mainly Disc Priests roared for more survivability.

    When they buffed Levitate from 2 minutes to 10 I figured they were going to do something with it. They didn't.
    So, I figured they could give us a talent that has a 50%/100% to negate particular roots and snares cast by a player.

    Mainly to stop Frost Mages, without being broken, in my opinion. I mean, they have Spellsteal, so they can get rid of Levitate, and have the occasional Fingers of Frost proc.
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    Well, they can remove or change Body and Soul so that Levitate doesn't break on damage when cast on the priest, and makes you able to mount with the levitate buff. That makes it more useful.
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