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Thread: Pizza vs Burger

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    In-n-Out burgers, probably

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    tough one

    i do have the feeling that pizza does have a bigger range of either beeing bad or really good wheras i like _MOST_ burger i do eat.

    but i would definitely prefer a the best pizza there is over the best burger there is

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    Depends on the occation

    Pizza wile playing fo sho!
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalopsia View Post

    I win.

    they win even more

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    Why must you make me choose!?!?

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    Burger any day I'm not a huge pizza guy

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    Really depends on the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merrena View Post
    Burger, I hate pizza
    Freak o' nature right there! My silliness aside, I would take a burger in the summer and a pizza in the winter, that just the way it is for me.
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    I don't get why people like you feel they need to chime in and tell the OP how useless his post was. If it was that useless why did you spend your 2 minutes to craft a response instead of 2 seconds to hit your "back" button?
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    a burger with bbq sauce wins anyday, hands down

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