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  • I don't feel safe when I go to sleep unless I have my pants on

    30 11.81%
  • Pants are nice to wear when I go out, at least

    69 27.17%
  • If I have to put them on, I guess I will. I'd rather not, though.

    42 16.54%
  • Any day where I have to wear pants is a bad day.

    45 17.72%
  • Dude, why are we talking about pants?

    68 26.77%
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    I sit around the house with no pants and I feel a lot better in shorts when I can wear them instead of proper pants.

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    I have to be wearing something when sleeping, even after sex i will insist on putting my boxers or PJ bottoms back on, just feels wrong otherwise. I'm happy to wander around in a towel though or sit naked at the computer after a shower or whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volechek View Post
    I like mah pants, brah.
    I dunno why anyone should dislike them, especially in colder seasons.
    I hate wearing pants and go without them as much as I am able to.

    I only wear pants when I go out and it is very cold.Otherwise if the temperature is above 40 I wear shorts only below that I wear pants.I do not wear jeans though I hate jeans so the only real pants I wear are sweat pants.

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    Sums it up for me

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    Prefer boxer shorts to pants....

    Seriously, I don't really like shorts, I only wear 3 quarter lengths and that is when it's reasonably warm.

    I wear trousers more often and when I go out more. And it's barely ever warm here so y'know.

    All in all, trousers are best for me :P
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    If I lived alone, I would only put pants on when I went out.

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    But wait, we are talking about women, right?
    Quote Originally Posted by BoomChickn View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectrez View Post
    Being that it's illegal to walk around in public with no pants on.... I like wearing my pants....
    Liar..... Shorts.

    Also I like the option: "I don't feel safe when I go to sleep unless I have my pants on".

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    As the ancient greeks knew, pants were only for people who had nothing between their legs - namely women and sissy girly persians. Real men wear skirts, tunics or dresses.

    Additionally, pantless is the only way to raid. If you raid with pants on, YR DOIN IT RONG.

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    a horrible, necessary evil. I don't know how something designed to keep us warm spiraled out of control to where it's weird to walk around with no pants. o_O

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    I never wear pants, only skirts, and I'm a boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eck View Post
    I never wear pants, only skirts, and I'm a boy.
    awesome, all I can say is awesome. +5 internetz.

    of course I wear skirts daily, and I started out as a boy. however, I'm definitively not a boy any more.

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    *Darth Vader voice* I find your lack of pants disturbing

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    Raid starts => pants come off, that's my rule.

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    down with pants! up with skirts!... err.. wait a sec.

    If im at home, its house robe, T-shirt, and skivvies. pants, no thank you.
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    quick off topic: I will not reply to Toho lak of humor post with the words I would like to use. Toho not funny.

    On topic: I have a Dilema today, should I wear a Skirt, a dress, or pants, I have to take the bus, here in Los Angeles the bus can be a scary place.

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