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    What is Minecraft?

    So, what is this minecraft I hear so much about? And where can I experience it for myself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nethershock View Post
    Sometimes the most difficult questions have the easiest answer....

    What do you do in Minecraft? Just hit bricks and build with them?

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    how much is "€14.95!" in USD?

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    As stated above you can play an old version there.
    And the game isnt realy about anything yet...its an open world that can me destroyed and rebuilt the only limit is you imagination...the have added monsters and "dungeons" which is realy just cave systems.
    Check the vids on youtube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eruu View Post
    how much is "€14.95!" in USD?
    Give or take $21

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    It's basically a sand-box game. Do what you want its your adventure. And every block is made of pure awesome.
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    Nyah, see!

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    Pretty much every block is either mineable or able to be put into a bucket (Except bed rock) the whole point of the game is to create and discover your world as you feel.

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    I think im going to buy this. the youtube videos make it look so much fun

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    Looks like playing with legos on a computer...
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    its like the best game ever!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Amazing. You have nothing to do now that people who aren't you have cleared Ulduar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post
    Looks like playing with legos on a computer...
    Except the legos are awesome.

    And yes, I've found the game to be worth the $20 or so I spent on it, because not only is it still continuously in development, it's just... Awesome. The interactivity with the world beats pretty much any game I've ever played, and it's fun to achieve stuff in single-player and multiplayer. (although I haven't done any MP stuff yet)
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    The price is small, and the game is fun if you like building things. There's are zombies/exploding penises in it for some reason, but that makes is even more awesome.

    Just a heads up however, do not be afraid to look up information on the internet, the game has no in-game guide or tutorial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stabil View Post
    It's too hard these days to search on google, I guess.
    I think his real question was why do you find it a good game?

    Because to many people who havnt experienced Minecraft, it looks horrible.

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    I want to make an 80ft golden dong and get terrorised by fisher price shoggoths

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    Don't you just get tired to build things for your own? I think it's fun when you start exploring and building but after a while it's just you and no one else staring at your creation. Am i wrong?
    What's the max level of multiplayer interactions in this game?

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    The way I look at Minecraft is the same way I looked at Runescape Classic a few years back. I don't know how to put it into words but it has a strange appeal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crociato View Post
    Don't you just get tired to build things for your own? I think it's fun when you start exploring and building but after a while it's just you and no one else staring at your creation. Am i wrong?
    What's the max level of multiplayer interactions in this game?
    A friend and I have a private server where we've been modifying it over the last few months. When we got some free time, we just go in, explore, mine, build awesome stuff. So far it's becoming a giant city itself. There is also a lot of multiplayer servers, though most of the good ones require a white list admittance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    seriously, most of you won't play that game anymore in 1 months.

    Boub has a time machine?!

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    You should really watch that entire thing. Its hilarious
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bytes View Post
    2016: Blizzard builds their new HQ on the moon

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