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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammonoske View Post
    Flame Leviathan: 160g
    Magtheridon: 500g
    Gruul the Dragonkiller: 250g
    Doom Lord Kazzak: 500g
    Karazhan: 418+ gold

    Grand Total: 1828+ gold in around 2+hrs

    Like working the AH doesn't make thousands more in the same amount of time.
    Difference is, when you kill stuff for drops you are increasing the ammount of gold in the economy.
    When you play the AH you are decreasing the ammount of gold in the economy. (via AH 5% sell fee & deposit fee from unsuccessful auctions)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistuhbull View Post
    Flying in ghostlands...did they remove the wall between ghostlands and EPL then?
    No, it is still not connected to the rest of Eastern Kingdom. If you want to go to the ghostlands you are still stuck on that small piece of BC content. Also when you try to fly over Eversong Woods you automaticly get dismounted. Also see This threat for some pictures from Zul Aman from above.

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    * x Gift of Nature (passive) also reduces Tranquility’s cooldown by 2.5/5 minutes.
    How a passive skill can have 2 tier?

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    This may be a silly question, but: Battle resurrection cap? There's a limit to the number of battle resurrections per fight? Or that one person can have?

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    World of Arenacraft.

    Can we nerf PvE fun anymore to make sure Arena's work? Really, whats left? I think my warrior will just join the mule train.

    When do Death Knights get IDKFA? They seem to be getting close. Playing mine has been a joke.

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    No shaman changes?? :O

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    Good Thing i am waisting my spare Time currently in DC Universe, not caring about WoW anymore.
    They crumble the Class ive been playing for 6 Years, so might as well quit completly.

    Give DKs a Innervate also, so you dont need those pesty Druids anymore....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZEROWASHU View Post
    World of Arenacraft.

    Can we nerf PvE fun anymore to make sure Arena's work? Really, whats left? I think my warrior will just join the mule train.

    When do Death Knights get IDKFA? They seem to be getting close. Playing mine has been a joke.
    Actually PvE is in a much better state than PvP
    8 year olds Dude.

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    Would be nice to change Gag Order further to also effect Pummel.

    Shield Bash with silence applied to it was a great ability when dealing with silenceable caster mobs anywhere.

    It's not like there will be any use of it in Arms and Fury with a prot specc anywyas.

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    Wow, if the resto nerfs stay, they are just making my decision that much easier.

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    The warrior nerfs are plain retarded. Shield bash was superior to pummel while going defensive. It locked out 2 seconds longer and dazed the target but required a shield of course. Now it wont silence anymore for prots.
    And then there is the spell reflect nerf..i don't even...the odds atm of reflecting the right spell (instead of some dot/pet cast/etc ) is like 10% (well, more of course in 2v2, less enemies) and now they double the cooldown considering you even glyph for the damned thing. And let's not forget the fact the amount of times u get one spell casted at you, you reflect, and you get sheeped/cloned/... with your reflect buff still up.

    Oh well, maybe they come up with a solution to the endless kiting, ccing, shit defensive cooldowns and more changes coming on the ptr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett Skullcrack View Post
    Five days ago Blizzard said bear aoe threat is fine:

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Savage Defense might make bears take more damage on AE pulls in 5-player dungeons than other tanks, but we don’t think AE threat generation is a problem (again when in reference to max level).
    And now they do this:

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Swipe (Bear) cooldown has been reduced to 3 seconds, down from 6.
    They really don't have a clue what's going on in their game, do they?
    If you read the entire thread that both quotes came out of you would realize they said threat generation isn't a problem at max level. The change in swipe was to address the issue with leveling up to 81 without thrash. This change seems to be a bit late though but is definately welcomed.

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    So im guessing stampeding roar is to be stacked with freedom in arena so feral has more controled burst. Now that it lasts more than 5 seconds lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lombrie View Post
    "•Mana Feed now restores more mana (four times as much) when the warlock is using a Felguard or Felhunter."

    I wonder if this will convince Demo/Afflic warlocks to stop using succubus, because this change only seems to bring these 2 pets closer to the succi's level and not above it like they should.
    What would really fix this is if they just gave lash of pain a 4 sec CD or so.
    I hope u are joking , Felguards needs some single target buffs and thats all , puting lash of pain on 4 sec CD would pretty much remove Succubus from both PvP and PvE because THATS HER BASIC and only ATTACK

    mana feed with felguard was crazy as ever with Legion Strike critting on multiple mobs with this change demo should barely need to use Life Tap

    Quote Originally Posted by lombrie View Post
    "•Doomguard's damage has been increased by 50%. The Doomguard is intended to be the best guardian for single-target damage, and the Infernal the best when there are multiple targets."

    This change is pretty nice, although it might hold some kinda of scaling problem for Destro locks since Doomguard doesn't scale with their mastery.

    "•Haunt damage has been increased by 30%."

    Wonder why they keep giving haunt these cookie crumb buffs...
    I understand buff to Haunt and Doomguard but what about Destruction , it seems Blizzard thinks warlocks need only 1 viable spec for PvP ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rendhammer View Post
    A buff to a nerf is still a nerf. 10%, 20%, it really doesn't matter.
    Spell Reflect on a 6 sec CD was stupid as hell (i play warrior too) , as prot u could pretty much lock down every caster not allowing him to effectively cast any spell on u

    Quote Originally Posted by blackangel209 View Post
    Wow... Prot warriors are getting the shaft right about now... Was Spell Reflect really that OP? T_T
    Spell Reflect on a 6 sec cd was OP , if u played any caster vs prot warrior u would see how frustrating it was
    Quote Originally Posted by blackangel209 View Post
    I know that not everyone PvPs but please, before you address someone as crazy, analyze the possible PvP ramifications in addition to the PvE ones. We lose a 6 second daze and our second silence(the other being Heroic Throw). Add on to that the lengthy cooldown they're putting on Shield Reflect and PvProt is pretty screwed(the others are more well off simply because they actually have damage).
    Prot PvP will not be screwed , casters will have more chances of surviving instead of sitting in silence/stun 24/7 , i play a warrior and i know how its easy to lock down caster as prot warrior
    Quote Originally Posted by Daralii View Post
    An orc named after Jesus firing a kamehameha at a tentacle dragon and making it explode into fairy dust before a group of dragons don't lament the loss of their once-friend or the now inevitable extinction of their species due to their newfound sterility and mortality but instead congratulate him on knocking up his wife was pretty fucking insane even by this series' standards.

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    So where are frost mage nerfs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fr0d0b0ls0n View Post
    Moonkin right now is in a pretty good shape pve-wise. Probably they wanna get them down with feral

    So why they don't nerf hunters and why they have buffed shadow priests ? ....

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    bye ******* druid of mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by good diu bro View Post
    I think you get the wrong idea, elemental and feral do less dps than balance even after nerf. Starsurge do around 11% of total dps in most circumstances, 20% nerf of 11% dps is 0.088 actual loss. If you plug the dataz from logging sites like stateofdps, the number should still be above the 2 by around 0.02%.
    It's not for PvE...It's for PvP that many of us are worried, WE DON'T HAVE A BURST...We can't cast starfire because 2.5 is too slow, wrath is slow too, with moonfire spam you can't kill anyone that has 3k+ resi....Instant starsurge was the only rng burst we had.

    Guess I should reroll a MM Hunter...
    Last edited by Meldon; 2011-03-01 at 11:59 AM.

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    I wonder whatever happened to the plans to make Soulstone a real combat ress. This has been planned for over half a year, and now DKs get one?

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    The gold amounts on the following encounters have been substantially reduced: Flame Leviathan, Magtheridon, Gruul the Dragonkiller, Doom Lord Kazzak, and all encounters in Karazhan.

    Oh FU Devs. Don't eliminate all alternative farming methods to these stupid daily-Quests! You are really trying hard to patch all the fun out of your game.

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