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    ITT: Women eating salad while laughing, alone. (IMAGE HEAVY DON'T BROWSE WITH PHONE)

    Thread title pretty much explains it.

    Please contribute, and please don't flame!

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    people who smoke weed past primary school dont deserve jobs.

    weed is for little kids. you should stop smoking it and move on to real people things

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    Longview, you scare me sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post

    Longview, you scare me sometimes.
    I second this statement.


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    please dont flame???? LOL. what was the point in this btw?? im confused

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    Famous everywhere I go.
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    I have been on this site in the past 4-5 months and this is the first thread I click.

    WELP see you in another few months.
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    Why is it suddenly cool to quat me 0.o

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    ... Erm... is this a fetish of some kind?

    But holy heck I just realised the last picture there... I swear she's staring into my soul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arkadeus View Post
    please dont flame???? LOL. what was the point in this btw?? im confused

    To show happy women with salad =)

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    Realle good pot?

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    Um..if they are alone....who took the picture?
    I'm actually looking for money, work is just an unwanted side effect.

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    I see what you're doing. It's quite funny what you can get away with posting in symbol.

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    I don't know why but I seriously LOL'd in real life after seeing this post. Completely random.

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    i don't think ill be able to sleep to night. ._.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Amazing. You have nothing to do now that people who aren't you have cleared Ulduar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    I see your salad and raise you a chocolate!

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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    Could we get all the salad replaced with bacon?

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    Is that going to be a new thread topic: creepy stock photo query

    EDIT: Damn, that was quick. Lawomous already got it started
    I take some solace in the fact that even though my snarky reply to someone's condescending rhetorical question earned me a 1-week ban, my post was not deleted. I was rather proud of that bit of snark, and I am glad it lives on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valden83 View Post
    . Completely random.
    I think there's a very definite and intentional subconscious thing going on here. What does this honestly make you think of? Yes. It's dirty.

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    There's a fetish for everything.

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    Its true. All women eat this way. We unleash our true crazy.

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    I odly understand,

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