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  • Garrosh

    106 12.56%
  • Vol'Jin

    98 11.61%
  • Bairne

    13 1.54%
  • Sylvannas

    160 18.96%
  • Lor'Themar

    33 3.91%
  • Varian

    76 9.00%
  • Tryande

    57 6.75%
  • Council of Three Hammers

    90 10.66%
  • Gelbin Mekkatorque

    25 2.96%
  • Velen

    186 22.04%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxi View Post
    Someone mentioned that we should look at achievements for what they did? Alright that sounds fair.
    Let's take Velen.
    Ran on Argus.
    Ran on Draenor.
    Oh shit Cataclysm is coming? He wants to run again.

    Yeah... he so deserves first place.
    yeah, ran from argus when the other 2 most powerful eredar turned their back on him and he only had a mere fraction of followers.
    and ran from draenor after the orcs had committed a genocide against his people by surprise and after it was torn apart by ner'zhul.
    if you're implying he's weak, foolish, or cowardly, then you apparently haven't considered the odds if he had stayed to fight. (he woulda been hunted down and steamrolled)

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    Then Malfurion
    Then Thrall
    Then everyone else.

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    Velen, deffo, Psycjic powers to see whos attacking where and make ambushes there instead ^^

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    Obviously Garrosh would win, it's like a gorilla vs a human... do you know how strong a gorilla is? He'll snap your dick off and throw it in the tall grass. Garrosh = dick-snapper.
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    Varian would win. He's a fury warrior after all.

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    Vol'Jin and Sylvanas would sit in the shadows picking people off one by one and then would sit around smoking until Sylvanas was good and high, then Vol'Jin would finish her off.

    Or maybe Varian. He would go into his crazy arena personality and slaughter people left and right.
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    old vol'jin got this

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    sylvanas is gunna be popular for no real reason other than she has tits

    velen thank the naruu is winning
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    Sylvanas is more or less immortal at this yea...doesn't really have anything to do with those tits. Although I'm quite sure Voljin would drop quite a few of them before going down. The guy is a shadow hunter...

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    Velen, simply because he's the only leader who see's the greater picture beyond going to fruitless war.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orcshaman24 View Post
    Velen, simply because he's the only leader who see's the greater picture beyond going to fruitless war.
    i think it has more to do with the naruu
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    I'd kite Shandris Feathermoon to this battle and she would just starfall everyone to death and I would get banned for griefing other players.

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    The three hammers would win playing warrior, lock, and shaman. There are three of them it's a huuuge advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcshaman24 View Post
    Velen, simply because he's the only leader who see's the greater picture beyond going to fruitless war.
    How would that help him in a battle royal death match???

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    Sylvannas is NOT unkillable. In one of these battles she would most likely not have the valkyrie with here to res her. And as all the alliance and most of the horde leaders dont trust or outright hate her I see her getting focused down FIRST

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSerious View Post
    Thrall by a mile (the true leader) - Garrosh is just looking after the place while thrall is on vacation. I've never seen Garrosh as the leader of the horde, because he isn't.
    He left the horde for good so no he isn't the true leader he was.

    Gorrash would just rip everyones head off with one hand
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    I could totally see Falstad, and Muradin creating a badass Mortar Team, therefore they would destroy all with drunken vengeance!

    And no one cares about Moira.

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    I lawl'd at the results of this post so far. The boss that the majority thinks would win was 3 manned by me and 2 friends (DK, Rogue, Druid) Just lawl

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    Vol'Jin owns everything.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post
    I don't really get how Bloodlust fits Shamans...

    "I need to calm the elements, and through our sacred bond we will - wait, is that a fucking boss? I'M SO FUCKING ANGRY! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! NO, WAIT! I'M GOING TO RAPE HIM THEN KILL HIM! WITH SPOONS! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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    Can someone explain why velen "wins by a mile"
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