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    I tend to read a lot more manga simply because a) I love comic books in general, and b) it takes a lot less time to read a few chapters of a manga than it does to watch an equivalent amount of anime.

    Sub vs Dub:
    The days of god awful dubbing are long gone for the most part. This isn't the 90s. Dubbing has gotten a lot better over the years, to the point where I sometimes think the english voice acting is better than the japanese.

    That being said, even if I do watch the dub I'll usually watch it with the subtitles on as well, given the option. The dubs tend to change or leave out things that don't fit well into the pacing of the dialog. It's usually not anything major but it's still interesting to see the differences.

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    i prefer dubbed anime over anything else but i sometimes read manga.
    the reason i like dubbed anime is that i like listening to my language better than a foreign language and most dubs are not as bad as people say (my personal opinion)
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    i prefer manga over anime because its always ahead in the story i couldn't watch an anime knowing i could read and get way ahead. Another and one of the biggest reasons for me and I'm sure others is FILLERS, these are so annoying and mean nothing to the actual storyline but a waste of time while the manga pulls ahead more chapters so the anime doesn't catch up.

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    There's a difference?

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    I like the manga most and like the voices for dubbed but the bad thing is that dubbed and making it for children were if it were sub it would be censored.
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    Subbed for me as well. There are some dubbed shows that are really good (like Cowboy Bebop and DBZ) but they're pretty old. Seems like the US voice acting talent has diminished while Japan gets better and better. I do respect them for bringing anime to a wider audience though /shrug

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    I mostly prefer dubbed anime

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niyari View Post
    There are some dubbed shows that are really good (like Cowboy Bebop and DBZ) but they're pretty old. Seems like the US voice acting talent has diminished while Japan gets better and better. I do respect them for bringing anime to a wider audience though /shrug
    Personally I think the english voice acting has only gotten better over time.

    This many years later people still talk about how good Cowboy Bebop's dub is, but why is that? Yes, the dub was pretty good, but mostly everyone was impressed because most other dubbing at the time was so bad that Bebop's looked amazing in comparison. That's not really the case any more. As anime has gotten more and more mainstream over the years there has been a lot more effort put into making the dubs really good. IMO many of today's dubs are just as good, if not better than the originals.

    It's not always better of course, but in general the quality of english dubbing has gone way, WAY up over the past 10-15 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kunker View Post
    There's a difference?
    Yeah, you watch Anime, you read Manga.

    Personally I watch loads of Anime, can barely stand english dubs, but some are ok. I don't read any Manga, my reading time is devoted to fantasy books mainly.

    By the way, the poll option number 4 is a bit confusing... I watch both WHAT? Should be "both 2 and 3" to make sense, or "both read and watch" maybe.
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    I read a few mangas, but im more into subbed animes, except DBZ which i preffer dubbed.

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    I chose manga but enjoy all. One thing I do not understand is why people prefer subbed to dubbed. I like anime/manga as art so if I have to read subtitles I lose the opportunity to look at whats going on and I'm always paranoid I'm missing things. yes some english voice actors can be awful I understand that but they would have to be really awful for me to choose subbed over dubbed. However when I watch anime I rarely get a choice. Working on learning Japanese soon though =D

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    Well guys, I prefer Manga because as compare to others Manga is better and Dragon Ball Z is one of mine favorite manga series.This is one of few such an interesting vitality series which experts claim are hard for one to obviate. Its an super hero kids's dangerous undertaking series about Goku his son Gohan. In this series, there are a lot of thing which interact people to watch this anime series.
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    I prefer manga. Discovered One Piece and Naruto in the first issue of Shonen Jump. Was at first happy they were being made into anime. Disappointed with the anime because they were not able to capture the same artistic quality in Naruto that I was so impressed with.

    If I do watch anime, I prefer it dubbed. I do not like to watch the bottom of my screen if I'm watching a good-quality anime. Also, the Japanese voice acting always sounds outlandish and exaggerated in a way I just find completely annoying. I honestly don't get why people prefer the subtitled anime.

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