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    [Movie] You will never forgive Hollywood for this

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    not surprising.

    I think there still a few franchises they have yet to exploit.

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    what to say? Its only one preview but I am not sure I will be seeing this. big fan of smurfs and I have already started to hoard old cartoons like smurfs and the adventures of the gummy bears and other favorites encase I have children and want to be able to share some of my favorites (as well as avoid some of these modern cartoons that I cant wrap my head around). I hope the best for Smurfs 3D but not expecting much.

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    I don't understand. why won't i forgive Hollywood for this? It looks neat. Not great. But I'll definitely be seeing it.

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    2 thumbs down

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    It seems to be alot better than the old cartoon version, only times you could stand watching them were when you were drunk... (Then they were amazing btw)

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    they got Neil in the movie, it can't be that bad

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    I'm gonna watch that just because of it being fucked up!
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    I won't forgive Neil for being in it either....
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    Kids will prolly love it...beyond that it looks really lame :S

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    I just threw up a little into my mouth :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fooliecoolie View Post
    the only part of that trailer that even made me grin was when the mad magician/scientist told that cat to quit milking the laugh. (fairly original)

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    WTF. Brb, buying all disney classics I don't already have on DVD so my kids will never, ever have to experience shit like that.

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    Of course it's in 3-d.
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    It doesn't look that bad, and Neil Patrick Harris is in it so maybe it can still be cool

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