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    [Movie] Uwe Boll meltdown after failed kickstarter for Rampage 3 (NSFW)

    So i guess it was only a matter of time. Uwe Boll finally loses it after his kickstarter for Rampage 3 only manages to make 25 of the 50k required with just 3 days left.

    So he took to YouTube to let us know how he really felt about it...

    ***Warning : F bomb alert***

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    Uwe Boll is a sad joke.
    He is a piece of shit who rapes IPs (which is also the fault of the owner of those IPs) and thinks he's a god among mortals.

    Uwe Boll needs to retreat and never go near a film set ever again.

    Edit: Also, please report his Kickstarter.
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    That's because there is no such thing as white problems.

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    As much as I hate some of his movies, the rampage ones where, at least semi entertaining, not saying they are great, or ground breaking but they are entertaining.
    However this outburst just goes to show he is an immature child throwing his toys out of the pram.

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    wow whats his problem with others from the industry?

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    his opinion about Blizzard @1:20
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    That's because there is no such thing as white problems.

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    I still remember when he wanted to get his hands on the Warcraft movie, thank god Blizzard dodged that bullet lol. Guy is a joke.
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    Thanks for the laugh OP.

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    I hope his golfing ability is better than his film making.
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    wow whats his problem with others from the industry?
    Jealousy, I'd say; in his mind he's every bit as talented as they are, if not more so, but everyone praises those "talentless hacks" and slams his works.

    I'm surprised he was ever hired to direct half as many movies as he did: he's a complete dickbag and an idiot.

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    If he was really so righteous he'd use all that money he could 'golf till he died' to make his 3rd movie and bank on himself but as bad as his movies are he ain't that stupid.

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    Uwe boll produces movies that are B-movie like quality and yet tries to act like they are the greatest blockbusters.

    If he simply accepted he is a good B-movie director and took a less serious angle to his movies he would actually make some money and be appreciated for it.

    He kinda also set a lot of bad blood with doing movies of know IP's from games and not really respecting the material all that much. You simply don't do that we all know fans of IP's will get absurdly mad if you ruin their IP and will carry a grudge forever. Not even JJ abrams would've survived this wrath if the new trek movies would've been bad.

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    He's super funny. And he's not exactly wrong about anything he said in those videos either.

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    This guy is terrible. He even ruined a Kristanna Loken sex scene. How does that happen?
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    hahaha shut up Uwe Boll. Your movies are shit.
    I see myself either in jail or working at Olive Garden.
    Either way, endless salads getting tossed.
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    You are a legend thats why.

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