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    Tool is not good

    They're art-rock in the same way that tattoos are 'art.'

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    So .. what you are saying is .... that if something is *art* it can not be good ? what kind of backwards stand is that ? even if it is just down to you not liking it ?

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    I was lukewarm on them myself, until I saw them live a few years back. Tool is exceptional live.

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    Tool is so fucking good its not even fucking funny and for the record i wasnt a huge fan of 10000 days but the rest of their work is ridiculosly good. I still throw lateralus on at least once a month.

    Now having said that their are bands in a very similar vein that i enjoyed more. Isis is fucking awesome.
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    Early stuff was pretty good. Then it became about some alt minded religion and it got a little funky. I mean I picked up each album and would pick up any in the future but it loses it eventually. More so now that its all about this out of body like experince thing. It may be drugs but I honestly feel its faith.

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    I really wanna nibble this bait...I really really do.
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    Tool is simply perfect

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    Who are you to wave your finger ?
    You must have been outta your head.

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    This thread was not started to have a discussion, or there would have been arguments made to support the first post. This is simply an attempt to start a fight. Closing this.


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