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    Not all of them are scams. I got to enter a free prize draw to win a holiday. all i had to do is give my credit card numbers and they will call me if any of them are lucky. Hope i win.

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    are we talking about just blizzard scams or scams in general? Because I think that some scams out there would even trick a fairly smart person. As for blizzard scams, well.... those are pretty obvious most of the time.

    I'll admit, I ALMOST got tricked though when I got an email saying my account was suspended. I got all confused because I wasn't even playing or paying for WoW, so first thing I did was just log onto my account on the actual blizzard site and see what was up and everything was fine.

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    You mean the bank of africa is not holding 500 million in a reserve account for me? :'(

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    90% of the phishing emails I get every day are something alerting me that my account will be banned if I don't login at their scam website. Threats/Fear work well for phishing.
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    Im not sure if this has been said, but sometimes its just kids who dont know any better and think it is a great deal

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    Most of the time scams are stupid and the people who fall for them are even more stupid, evolution says these people have a destiny to be scammed of their food so that they become extinct.

    People who get scammed are also being greedy, they see something and think they can have it, but you never get something for nothing (especially if you won a competition you never entered! duh!), the deserve to be scammed for being so ignorant.

    I do see some coincidence scams though such as an email from the worldwide company I work for that said I won a lottery (which we do indeed hold) but a little research before clicking any links or giving any info told me that it was not legit, easy.

    Oh yeah, both my mum and my nan have fallen for the classic american autocall telling you to ring x number to receive your free cruise and racked up a stupid phone bill from it. My gene pool is tainted with stupid

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    if they spam 100,000 people and get 6 particularly ignorant morons, it was probably a worthwhile investment.

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    Its because people are stupid. Very very stupid.
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