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    I look at the clock at the same time, everytime!

    ... and it's 13:37! :-O Not even joking!

    Ok so once a day, every day, for ~2 months now, I look at the clock and it's 13:37. No, I don't see a minute or two before and wait, I just grab my cell phone, look at the time and it's 13:37, every single day. What's even more weird is that when I was younger (10 years ago or so) I had the same thing happening to me as well, although it wasn't 13:37. It was XX:59, I mean, almost every single time it was XX:59.

    I'm not sure when and why but I stopped seeing XX:59 that much and never had anything similar happening to me for 10 years... Until now :-O

    Does anyone else ever experience this, maybe with another time?

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    its called leet time
    i have that too! but not on every day.

    but if i watch on 13:37 on the clock , day will be great (if i look at the watch i just think - yeah thats correct my dear watch and go on happy

    and YES ist is 1337 o clock for me, too since 2 years

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    I have this happen to me, but it really freaks me out since it is my birthday (which I will not divulge)

    Just think. 12:25 or something such as that. If it was YOUR birthday that you keep seeing on the clock without trying to, wouldnt YOU freak out?

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    Maybe your clock is broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phante View Post
    Maybe your clock is broken?
    This explains everything!

    moar serious. I've had that too, but not everyday. Just very often that I woke up at night at the exact same time, almost every day. Like 02.34 or something

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    Whenever I look at the time, it's always time to get a watch.
    red panda red panda red panda!

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    That's nothing, I have trouble getting to sleep, which sucks because I have to wake up at 5:30. But anyways, while I'm trying to sleep I always roll over and check my phone and it always says 10:49.

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    i had quite a long time when i was seeing 12:34 on my watch for nearly every day... now i dont wear a watch anymore! gone is the curse

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    mmmm things happened for a reason watch out if you play the number for the loterry

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    This is something I've been noticing too, personally I use to get 22:22 for whatever reason.

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    It's very common. You might get paranoid like I did when I looked at 11:11 but it's quite "normal" like a "normal human" would put it. There is something suspicious about it though...hmm...

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    Yes, there is always a paranormal reason. Prepare to be probed by aliens, good sir.

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    The body has an internal clock, it lets you know when you should feel drowsy/when to wake up even if you are in a cave.

    However... what you are describing is PEERING at the clock at 1:37. You look at it all the time, you just don't make a conscious note to yourself as to the time on the clock. The first few times you were in front of your clock, and peered at it cause its' alignment was intriguing to your subconscious, you trained yourself to always PEER at the clock then, even tho you had been glancing or taking note of the time some other way.

    I've had the ability to wake up at any time of day, and know to within 5 minutes what time it is. And that's because when I was a kid, I'd wake up look at the clock. Then I used that knowledge to guess and guess til I was able to synchronize my internal clock with time itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krolikn View Post
    Yes, there is always a paranormal reason. Prepare to be probed by aliens, good sir.
    I like it from behind O.O

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    That birthday thing is very familiar to me. Very often, when I grab my iPhone to see what time it is, it show 13.12 (01.12 PM) which is my birthday (December 13th). But it´s not only when I check what time it is. Often, when I watch icehockey games, i check how much time is left to be played, what do I see? 13 minutes 12 seconds. Same on soccer games. How long have they played? 13 minutes and 12 seconds.

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    When the clock strikes that time, something magical should happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krolikn View Post
    Yes, there is always a paranormal reason. Prepare to be probed by aliens, good sir.
    When he already has unexplainable behaviour like this ... the aliens already got him.

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    10:43. Every weekday, almost without exception. The only time I don't is when I intentionally try not to.
    Its just an odd internal-clock habit.

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    it is a countdown, in 10 more years it will me 13:15, and when you reach 13:00 (rougly 18 years) your days on earth are over.

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    It's Max! Love the picture. Miss those comics.

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    I see the technician number from my job everywhere I got. 777. I also notice my old one quite a bit. 323.

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