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    Alot of stuff, might have something to do with hormones <.<
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Side View Post
    You damn dirty apes!

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    my guild mate arouze arouses me

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    Driving really fast

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    i cum when i drink water

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    haha jk that sweet guitar tone that i can get through a diezel amp with my esp

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    The feeling of a freshly washed cotton shirt on my skin. No idea why, it just arouses me a bit.

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    The smell of a new game/console and when I'm sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Righteous Eggroll View Post
    I like to rub my body with whipped cream, and then i like to watch Cooking with Giada in my underwear, if that doesn't sexually arouse you, then I don't care to know what does.
    That would excite me. dont you love her fingers? the way she does her nails gets me.

    OT: Someone said this earlier the smell of new electronics, maybe because it reminds me of my childhood like when i bought my first Playstation(Pre-Dual-Shock im old school brah.) i just love the smell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    if it arouses you, then it is of a sexual nature to you, regardless of what it is. One person might get aroused by the smell of dung, another by the smell of candy. Just because its non-sexual to you doesn't mean it isn't to another person.

    A better phrasing might be "What is the weirdest non-conformist thing that turns you on?"
    True, the fact that something turns someone on does make it sexual, yes. But I mostly mean non-sexual as in something that normally shouldn't be sexually arousing.

    I wasn't expecting this thread to be so popular, lol. Interesting stuff.
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    Sorry.. Too many innapropriate posts ITT.

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