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    1,592 56.02%
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    i would not have to i have had it since bc i payed 5k dkp for it i saved every bit of dkp since we got out of t4 raids for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermansen View Post
    Moral in WoW? Are you new here?

    Seriously, I'm not going to justify ninjaing, but I'm not gonna kill KT every week for a whole year, maybe seeing it, and then just letting it go to some random idiot? I'd rather ninja it and have my 2 days of fame as a 'thief'.
    Just means you're void of morality in certain areas.

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    yes! best mount ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ice216 View Post
    if it was a pug absolutely, and any one who says they wouldn't is lying.
    Wrong, you speak only for yourself so stop trying to include me in your attempt to justify your being a douche.

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    No. Being anon is irrellevant. Its a pixel, I dont think that is worth giving up my principals for.

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    yes - I wouldn't think twice; if I was in a position to steal that mount I would. If it wasn't me ninjaing it, it'd be someone else anyway.

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    Never. It takes a while to build up a good reputation on a server, I'd not ruin all that just for an old mount. Even if it is rare, it's still only going to do the same job as any other flying mount out there.

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    Nope unless someone else in the grp needed it then i would as it's ultra awesome

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    Nope, because I have it. I solo him, so even if I didn't have it, I still wouldn't

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    57% said yes and 43% said no? You people got raised badly :S

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    I would not ninja any rare mount.
    I had Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth ninjad from me twice... (yes it dropped twice, and I won the roll twice). Yet still the two times it dropped and I was master looter I didn't ninja it, because that would make me as much of an asshat as those who stole it from me.
    Ninja looting isn't worth it for pixels which will still be there to try for again next week. I'd much rather be known as a good player that people want to roll with again, than "enjoy" my shiny new pixels on my own because no one wants to group or raid with me again.
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    Have it, No use for 2 . All thou it is tempting

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    Its more a FoS to me than a mount
    Achievement POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's the best mount in the game, I collect mounts (and pretty much everything else), and no I wouldn't.

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    Yes i would Its just .. awesome

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    I am a giant mount whore (current count: 129), but even I wouldn't ninja Ashes. I have given other rare drop mounts to raid members based on /roll when I could have ninja'ed, so Ashes wouldn't be any different, despite how painful it may be to give an awesome mount away.

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    It would be a hardddddd choice, but likely no. Not because I think there'd be much of a perma-stain to my rep, these days ninja accusations fade away over time np, and I'm probably not going to be in any " highly respectable" guild soon. I would probly pretend to ninja it for the lulz by giving it to myself, then I'd trade it to a roll winner with immense sadness.
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    .... i wouldnt ninja anything.... i think ninjas are the worst rpg players... i hate them from the deepest in my heart and sometimes i even wish they would just die in a fire...

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    No because if the group is smart they make you say the mount will go to the highest roller/it will stay on free for all and therefore if you ninja it youll prolly get a temp-ban and get it taken away anyway.

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    morality < ashes

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