Thread: The ^ < v game!

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    ^ is wrong again
    < is a guy
    v is asexual
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    ^ Turn to be wrong
    < Isnt asexual
    v Is a girl

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    ^ too pervy to be asexual
    < is a pervy asexual....
    v doesn't understand asexuality

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    Herald of the Titans Grimord's Avatar
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    ^ Likes bearded "girls"
    < Has a beard
    v Doesn't have a beard

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    ^ Wrong
    < Has a beard and totally isnt pervy ty!
    v Is also not pervy.

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    ^ Is in denial.
    < Doesn't believe in the Sun.
    v Consists mostly of empty space.

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    ^ heretic to the one true sun!
    < does not like bearded "girls", girls, boys, "boys, men or women; but like bearded puppies
    v likes bearded girls

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    ^ Also in denial
    < Doesnt like dwarves
    v Likes trolls

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    ^ correct in ways he probably can't imagine
    < hates trolls because they speak bad, and hates dwarves by association with puntable gnomes
    v filthy gnomish rights activist =|
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    Ontario, Canada
    ^ Participated too many times in this thread.
    < Complains about everything.
    v Doesn't like sushi.

    Nothing can hold me back!

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    ^ Should lighten up!
    < Definitely doesnt like sushi
    v Likes fish

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    ^ Tells the truth
    < Loves sushi, and is very slow at replying
    v has an elephant friend

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    ^ fish is nice
    < bored at work
    V drinks red bull
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    ^Has a funny signature
    < Hasnt drunk Red Bull in years, mostly Monster these days
    v Drinks coffee

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    ^ has bad taste in drinks
    < lives on instant coffee diet
    v fellow caffeine addict

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    ^ Shouldnt complain when only drinks coffee and eats shortbread
    < Drinks tea, what more does a man need?
    v Probably drinks coffee too, infidels everywhere

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    ^ Most likely lifts, a lot.
    < Shouldn't be on as much as he is.
    v A brony
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    "Ghostbusters" It's really not a bad movie.

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    Spooning you without your knowledge
    ^ Has an amazing Sha of Christmas avatar
    < Thinks MLP is overrated at best. Is further turned off to the show by the fervor of its fans. Still thinks people have a right to enjoy what they want without being harassed.
    v Will not be satisfied till we're all dead.

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    Holy Grail tournament
    ^ Should give it a try before judging it
    < Said the same as ^ before watching the first ep
    v Won't watch MLP

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    ^ Is right
    < Has never watched MLP
    v Has watched MLP

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