Thread: The ^ < v game!

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    < Has a cousin named Luke.
    v Wants to visit my awesome Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic villa.

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    ^ Correct
    < Sounds like a cool place
    v Will come along for a family outing!

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    ^ has the greatest signature, ever
    < needs to get someone to make him a signature
    v will accept all challenges, regardless of absurdity!

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    ^ Is correct
    < Has had a thing since high school about never refusing a challenge/dare
    v Will come up with a totally absurd challenge to test me

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    ^ I challenge you to post a picture of yourself doing a handstand.
    < Is bad at challenges.
    v Agrees with me thinking I'm bad.

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    ^Has Just Been Challenged To Fondle A Unicorn.
    <Has Fondled A Unicorn.
    V Is Wondering Where I Found A Unicorn.

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    ^ You've been to North Korea?
    < Already stole a unicorn for some magics
    v Enjoys House too

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    ^ Meh, it's okay.
    < Is wondering if OP wil--if Liagala will deliver.
    v Is Liagala delivering the handstand pic.

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    ^Obviously Enjoys A Show About A Gimpy Know It All Doctor.
    < Like House Music.
    v Punched A Lama In The Face.

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    ^ has great taste in music
    < never seen a lama irl
    V just had a poop
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    ^ Is incorrect
    < Did not have a poop, and also was incapable of doing a real handstand. This is as close as it got - backward, and using the wall because I kept falling over trying to do it the right way.

    v Is Mynta, suitably impressed (and not calling me out on my failure to do a real handstand - I deserve credit for effort!)
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    ^ Is correct.
    < Is impressed that Liagala did deliver.
    v Is also impressed and will give Liagala another challenge.

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    ^Needs to challenge more people!
    < Very impressed indeed
    v Carrying on the chain of impressed

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    ^ Yep. Still impressed.
    < Now challenges Liagala to post a video of her doing an Irish Jig.
    v Will be Liagala and will deliver at some point.

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    ^ Is taking unfair advantage of the challenge thing!
    < Will in fact deliver, but probably not tonight. And doesn't want to keep doing challenges that involve pictures of me on the internets! I'm horribly unphotogenic and get shy and stuff.
    v Will volunteer to take further challenges on themselves to spare poor Lia

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    ^ Nope. I break cameras with my horrid visage. (And sorry Lia , but you don't have to do it if you don't want to.)
    < Challenges Xanjori to post a video of him dancing instead of Lia.
    v Is Xanjori and will.

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    ^ Challenge master!
    < Is a really bad dancer, but honestly I could, its just pitch black here and Im going to bed
    v Feels like dancing for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mynta Vali Daseriu View Post
    ^ Is correct.
    < Will give Zait $200,000,000,000,000,000,000 to build a new Lair, as long as he pledges to support me whenever I need it.
    v Also wants money to build a lair.
    Sounds good. I agree to these terms even if you are a neutral.

    ^ I dance for only one. You need to grow a goatee now.
    < Is a Ring Wraith. Has no facial hair. Or skin. : /
    v Has been on their computer for the last 6 hours.

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    ^ I've gone to the bathroom and got food, so sort of?
    < Has no life.
    v Does have a life.

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    ^ Draws awesome things
    < May have a life, apparently GF=life
    v Loves my beard

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