Thread: The ^ < v game!

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    ^ should stop doing drgus.
    < Has no clue how to play this.
    v Most likely still wondering why Semaphore was banned.
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    ^cant spell drugs
    < has no idea who Semaphore is
    v Has a desire to watch Justin Beiber shower

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    ^Must be on drugs or drgus
    <One sexy mofo
    V Believes Taylor Swift isnt an idiot
    "Its hard being humble, knowing how awesome I am,"

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    ^ good luck with that one, so will save you the trouble of no replies for 10 hours
    < doesnt find her that interesting
    V has a shrine to her

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    ^ Who? No seriously, no clue who you are talking about.
    < Started growing The Beard back, just to look like a leprechaun at work on St. Patrick's day just to annoy my boss in ways she can't do anything about.
    v Knows why Jimmy Cracked Corn, but doesn't care.

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    ^ should have read the post above mine and would understand
    < Nope, doesnt care
    V is a viking

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    ^ Just for you
    < A viking!
    v Going to bed soon

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    London, England.
    ^ Fake Swede/Viking.
    < Will not be sleeping just yet.
    v Isn't tired at all!

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    ^ Actually true, just drank some coffee! Weee!
    < Will be tired eventually though *sadface*
    v never gonna be tired!!

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    Spooning you without your knowledge
    ^ Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.
    < Never gonna run around and desert you.
    v Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye.

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    ^ If I wasn't depressed I'd laugh
    < Actually wouldn't laugh anyways
    v Is typing 1-handed.

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    Spooning you without your knowledge
    (I typed this with one hand just to make you correct)
    ^ Can still laugh, even with depression! It's the only way to stay sane.
    < Has carried around that ball and chain for 20 years.
    v Sold his soul for a jar of pickles.

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    Vancouver, BC, CANADA Eh?
    ^ Was almost right, it wasn't a jar of pickles, it was a jar of mayonnaise... but it took me a long time before I opened it, so it looks like a jar of pickles now
    < Over thinks his answers
    v Derp

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    < noticed that pizzashark was also banned aside from sema, still wondering what happened
    V has no clue about anything

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    ^ Is stalking me, apparently
    < huh?
    V thinks fox news is a serious program and not comedy.
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    ^ has a decent idea about things he would like to see in wow, share most of em
    < totally misread what he said as "thinks sex is serious not comedy" which confused me to hell
    V will not laugh

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    ^ I had fun once. It was awful.
    < Is currently watching a good movie.
    v Is currently watching something dumb on television.

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    ^ Is currently watching a Dumb Movie.
    < Is about to watch some old Titus episodes, so I guess that's a wash.
    v Does not know about the magic of the show Titus.

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    snugglin' with you ofc
    ^ Correct.
    < Is watching some bad horror movie.
    v Is watching a good horror movie.

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    ^ There is no such thing as a good horror movie.
    < All the "good" horror movies always end up being comedies to me.
    v Not Mynta!

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