Thread: The ^ < v game!

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    ^ Richer in knowledge! Perhaps...
    < Dependent on parents until I can manage to get a job.
    V Never knew their father (Finding Nemo was playing through my head)

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    ^ I know my father, but my mother on the other hand...
    < Thinks coffee should become the national drink of Sweden.
    v Loves water when NOT thirsty!

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    ^ 80% of what I drink is water.
    < Likes to be on/in water.
    v Hates boats.

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    ^ Truf, I can't swim
    < Can only float
    V Can swim

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    ^ Yes, at least I could. Long time ago since I had a chance to prove myself.
    < Watching Game of Thrones.
    v Agrees with me that GoT is an awesomesauce show

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    ^GoT is nice but seen better..
    < Watches alot of Series
    v Has banana's on his/her Chin

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    ^ No, I has fur on my chin
    < Prefers strawberries to bananas
    V Prefers mango

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    ^ I hate mango.
    < Thinks apples are the best fruit.
    v Agrees.

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    ^ Maybe... I think so... yes!
    < Doesn't like pineapple. Yucky McYuckington.
    v Dislikes pineapple.

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    ^ I love pineapple.
    < Only fruit I really dislike is melons, with the exception of watermelons.
    v Prefers veggies.

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    ^ Never dated a Veggie cant tell
    < Dated Satan in female form
    V wants to give a hug

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    ^ Giving hugs is always a good thing to do, so sure. (Your sig seems to be broken. >.>)
    < Is listening to some music before bed.
    v Also listens to music before sleeping.

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    ^ I guess, almost always listen to music when I computerize. Right now for example.
    < Have ears
    v Has a disability of some kind (physical or neurological - deaf, autism, amputee, depression)

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    ^ Depression!
    < Is going to bed now.
    v Has a pet.

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    ^2 Pets even (even posted it somewhere in the awesome pets pic topic, link could be broken )
    < Has a broken sig
    V Makes me a new Sig for me !

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    ^ No!
    < Refuseé
    v Refugee

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    ^ Killing you Softly with my song
    < Not a murderous kind of person tho
    V Picks nose, looks at it and gets hungry

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    ^ Not hungry, more like "how the hell did that fit in there?"
    < However I am hungry...I'm always hungry...
    V Will feed me

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    ^ Throws a fish at bear person
    < Likes fish
    V Once had a fight with a wet fish,and lost!

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    A Dark and Dreary place
    ^ Yeah.. Stupid fish being able to breathe underwater. Who knew they could do that?
    < Might've made that up
    v Thinks I didn't.

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