Thread: The ^ < v game!

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    ^ most of it yes
    < needs an excuse to sleep for a few days
    v Doesn't sleep at all "robot"

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    ^ is kind of right, some nights i just dont sleep at all
    < tends to hibernate quite often
    V has a non traditional house pet

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    ^ Well, I do have a turtle...
    < Seven cats and no more, please.
    v Has seven dogs.

    Playing Widowmaker Like

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    Stood in the Fire
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    ^ actually just 1, but he has the energy and need for attention of 7 dogs
    < Just joined, what is this game?
    v will tell me if I'm doing it right
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    ^ you're doing it right
    < is also doing it right
    V is doing it left

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    ^ Pssh course i'm doing it left right is so last post
    > Isn't actually left but works when the counter to left is right when right is left
    v confused

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    ^ Confused as to why I touched my eyes earlier after handling chilies. Eyes still burn
    < Is listening to the thunder.
    v Hates storms.
    Elyaan may have made this. Possibly maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daboogyman View Post
    ^ Confused as to why I touched my eyes earlier after handling chilies. Eyes still burn
    < Is listening to the thunder.
    v Hates storms.
    ^ is wrong. I like storms
    < is staying up too late in the evening
    v will tell me to go to sleep
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    ^ Nope stay awake for ever, when you sleep they come for you.
    < To bored to do anything fun
    v Clicks ads on websites for fun

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    ^ Actually clicks them on accident then swears until I manage to close them
    < Is wondering how long till I should go to bed
    V Will knit me a sweater in the meantime

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    ^ Can dream on
    < Is too hung over to do fuck all
    V Will find a cure for me pronto!

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    ^ Should just sleep
    < Screams and drums on everything he sees to annoy the hungover one
    v Will help me!

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    Somewhere in Norway.
    ^Don't drink. Fix'd~
    < Wants to sleep, but it's still 6 hours till midnight.
    v Loves to sleep.

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    ^ No.
    < Hates sleeping.
    v Also hates sleeping.

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    ^ That i do, never worth the time
    < Just noticed Mynta Swirl is on friends list
    v Isn't as bad a friend as me, or are they????

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    ^ Is wrong, or is he right?!
    < Woke up after 4 hours of sleep ;_;
    v Should sing me a lullaby

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    ^ If I could sing, I would.
    < Is sad that I can't sing a lullaby for Mr. Fancy Cat.
    v Will do it instead.

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    ^ Is probably underselling their singing abilities.
    < Can lick his elbow.
    v Probably can't lick their elbow.

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    ^ Cannot.
    < Will sing a lullaby instead.
    v Can't sleep.

    A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

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    ^ never can
    < feels gross because he ate some meat
    V bacon!!!

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