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    Killars <Duality>

    LIVE now streaming WoD BETA

    Streaming FULLTIME Everyday! 3pm EST - 2am EST
    Rogue, Mage, Priest, Warrior

    Tonight: Rogue Leveling on WoD BETA

    TCG Loot Giveaways + 90 Day Game Time Giveaway

    Main Raid (Rogue) Tuesday @ 7PM EST
    WoD Arena WoD 5 Mans (Heroic) at random
    Challenge Modes 9/9 Gold 2-4 Days a Week

    135 / 150 Sub Goal for Razer Naga Mouse Giveaway!
    135 / 175 Sub Goal for EVGA 770 GTX Video Card Giveaway!

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    Im a new up and coming WoW streamer! I main an enhancement shaman on Malorne-US. I used to stream 14/14H clears of SoO every week on Tuesday from 10pm-1am, but my guild has decided to go on break. Im looking for a new group, preferably a 25man, to run with to obtain HWF and BoAs as well as to provide my viewers with content to watch. I stream WoD BETA as well as other games randomly during the week so be sure to follow!

    I look forward to seeing you guys in the chat!!

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