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    What item level do you require, in relation to your own?

    We calculate your own item level rounded up or down to numbers of fives.

    for example 721 is rounded down to 720
    726 is rounded up to 730.

    You create a PUG for either a mythic dungeon or a normal/heroic/mythic raid. I acknowledge that each case is different. Lets assume you create a PUG for something you are interested in, appropriate to your own level. I didn't want to make multiple polls to cover every scenario.

    The question is what item level difference do you ask from your group?
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    I don't make pugs for raids, but if I had to, I would set a threshold for the raid that seemed fair and pick the best classes, not really item level unless a major standout appeared.

    For mythic five mans, this is even more the case. I bring classes that can do good AOE or incredibly overgeared players.
    It really doesn't matter for those though, as I have done CM so many times that I can pretty much solo them as long as the rest of the group is awake.
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    If I'm on an alt, I expect it equal to mine, If I'm on my main, I'd let people 15+ below in, for heroic as I'm 735. I wouldn't pug Mythic if they were all 740+ with full mythic/wf gear. Mythic pugs = no.

    Requiring a Ilvl that's higher than the raids drops is just... fucking stupid. If you want a quick, easy smooth run, do it with your guild. Don't expect me to boost you, I charge 60k for that.

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    I don't care much for the itemlevel of others compared to mine. Usually, when I am part of a PuG forming group, I suggest an itemlevel appropriate to the content, depending on what we/I plan on doing there. So, for a "quick HC rushl" or "just Manno/Archy for Ringupgrade" I'd suggest a higher itemlevel than "try to go up to Gorefiend normal".

    When I still want/need equipment from said content, I'd assume that my corresponding character has roughly the required minimum level or more (unless someone in the PuG wants to equip my alt with his myth geared mainchar... then.. I don't mind at all :P). Note that this only affects my alts, so I'm pretty cool with some wipes and maybe more lenient on itemlevel requirements. PuGging for rewards isn't really possible for a 11/13 myth main

    Edit: I don't mind carrying badly equipped PuGgies in myth dungeons, as long as they are DPS or know their job as a tank/healer (tank won't happen much since my SO mains tank and needs a lot of valor for his offspecc ring. He tends to get annoyed if he cannot pull off the massive pulls he's used to though, so a "blue" healer should better do a damn good job^^).
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    When I still had the power to raid HFC there was 2 options;
    -I was on a low ilvl alt, only aiming for lower bosses or something, then I set it to 695'ihs

    -I was on one of my more geared alt, aiming at least up to Mannyboredom, then I set the it to something like 710'ish

    I have never understood the stupid requirements, like "Normal run, link curve with multi kills and ilvl of 836"
    Like what?

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    As i usually only pug heroic raids or mythic dungeons i don't usually set the ilvl req above 700.
    Maybe 710 if i'm having a bad day!
    Once you're 741 you kinda stop caring what everyone elses gear is like ahah

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    I usually just join other groups for things like mythic dungeons, but I've made my own a few times when I wanted to do specific ones or just needed to do them right away. What I asked for depends on my situation - if it was just me by myself starting a group then I didn't require people around my ilvl (I'd have been between 730-740 then) but I would pick from the higher ilvl people that joined. But if I had a couple of my guildies with me I just took whomever signed up, or the lower ilvl people because why not. We took a 670-something tank through a few mythic dungeons one night because we were 3 735+ dps and a 735+ healer. Just asked him to keep aggro as best he could and to pull as fast and as much as he could. We probably pulled as much as he did, but he seemed to be having a lot of fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreeshak View Post
    We calculate your own item level rounded up or down to numbers of fives.

    for example 721 is rounded down to 720
    726 is rounded up to 730.
    No we don't, PERIOD. When I'm 726, I WILL always demand one of 701, 711 or 721, depending on the content. 701 (25 below my own) is what I'd demand for all ingame content, including things like BC raids.

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    My friends and I only really do Mythic Dungeons when we can and only one of us has even been to Normal+ HFC, so the requirement is rarely above 700. My main's in mostly conquest gear so he's 710. I wouldn't expect anything more from a healer (or tank, if I'm not doing it) as it's already overkill.
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    -40 for Mythic dungeons; at the start of 6.2 I expected 660 for a Mythic group, now I expect 700.
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    I'd never pick an item level as related to mine, I'd pick one related to the content itself.
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    From my experience, picking people that are less ilvl has a less wipe rate. With aotc of course. The only exception to this rule is heroic archimonde.

    Because people actually need the gear drops they will work towards it and do mechanics to get the boss down. Overgeared players just want to face-desk their way through.
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    It depends. I'm at 725. I severely outgear mythic dungeons. So, in that instance I'd happily take a 685. Mythic HM? I'd really like to see 695 or so. Mythic BRF? 715+. Mythic HFC? 725+.

    Edit; Actually, I'm not sure I'd pug Mythic HFC. So that may be moot.
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