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    Tov - Odyn Symbol Position Helper Addon?


    I've been watching a few of the kill video's and I've seen some guilds using an addon that shows all of the symbols on screen and rotates depending on where you are facing to help people know which direction to move in when the brands come out. I just can't find it on Curse so was curious if you guys could help me out please?


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    Weak Aura
    U r welcome

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    Ah ok if it's a weak aura anyone got the string please?

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    I use the one that puts a big glowing symbol over my head to match the one on the ground where I'm supposed to run.
    (couldn't resist)

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    I have no problem matching the symbol Would just like more of an indication of where they are all situated as someone of my age doesn't have a very good memory haha!

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    Thanks Vagabond but I have this string or one similar I would like all 5? runes on my screen that rotate to help me in the direction to run in.

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    BigWigs tells you which side it's on.
    As for actual arrows, I'm pretty sure that's why they disabled that game positioning functionality before ToV was released.

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    Easy to remember locations. Run 2-3 times you'll remember
    If you have DBM. It will tell locations

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    No arrows. Just symbols that rotate haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starkerz View Post
    No arrows. Just symbols that rotate haha.
    There's currently no way to get your position in-game for the addons. They have no idea where you are, so they can't know what way to rotate.

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    Ah ok I must of misunderstood the purpose of the addon/weak aura if this is the case.

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    Doesn't Exorsus Raidtools give you a window with people who got the symbols and if it's top/bottom etc?

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    A link to a video where this is being used would be helpful to tell you what's doing it.

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