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    Your fav tank?

    Hey, what's your favorite tank?

    Mine is guardian dudu, having a laugh with it, nice hp and okey damage, which one you like the most?

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    Warrior at heart.

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    Brewmaster ftw!
    Píngpòng Brewm monk LF guild on Twisting Nether EU

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    Prot warrior all the way.
    Blood DK second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kubaal View Post
    Warrior at heart.
    Yeah I hear you, loved them back in the days

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacksel View Post
    Brewmaster ftw!
    Yeah? I think they are hard to play good :/ I die so easily.

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    Kegsmash is just silly....

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    Brewmaster. Although, I started tanking as a warrior.

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    Prot Warrior 4 life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flichenstein View Post
    Yeah I hear you, loved them back in the days

    Yeah? I think they are hard to play good :/ I die so easily.
    I have paladin and druid tank alts, I still prefer my brewmaster. I'm not that awesome, and still don't die a lot (N and HC though). I like the quirkyness, the need to constantly do something, and the rewards for playing well (lol beating healers with 4pc)
    Píngpòng Brewm monk LF guild on Twisting Nether EU

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    No one gonna say it? DEMON HUNTER. Now that is out of the way...I love Paladin more than anything but I'm spoiled by my immortal Monk

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    Main is a guardian druid but I've had the most fun in with my blood DK in challenge modes, brewmasters get 2nd place for guard making me laugh everytime I pop it.

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    For soloing purposes I can't deny that my blood DK by the end of MoP was an absolute beast, but my favorite has always been my draenei paladin - ever since TBC when I had him decked out to the point that he could solo the stormwind stockade at level 30.

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    prot pala with 4set, get to play with one button.

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    Prot warrior, lots of procs

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    My favorite tanks are Warriors, followed by pallys. I don't play tanks.

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    I;ve been playing a protection paladin since classic. Sure we couldnt tank the but that changed. They are the best in my book. Warrior are 2nd but that's just because they can be a panda with a shield
    "Warriors make you sap, Paladins let you sap."

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    Warrior.....the defining tank in fantasy.

    I always envied other players cause I hardly tanked was warrior, was better as Paladin. Still am better as Paladin or DK, I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
    So you don't really want justice, you just want to punish your enemy. You aren't better than him, you are just on the winning side, this time.

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    Warrior ofc . Add a poll it would be funny to see those bars.

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    I'm loving my Prot Paladin, although Prot Warrior is quite fun to play as well.

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