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    Saved to raid at Jikun but when inside its up to Dark Animus

    I went into a 10m ToT and left after Megaera so I can solo Jikun later, its been 3-4hours later and everytime I zone in the raid is up to Dark animus and keeps telling me a raid is in progress and I know for a fact that no one is inside. Also, my own raid info says I only killed up to Megera.

    Did I somehow fk up or is there something im missing?

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    Let me guess, heroic ToT? If so, that instance still has instance-based locked, i.e. someone else cleared the bosses afterwards.

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    If it's a heroic raid, it's ID based, and someone else cleared up to there.

    If it's normal a spooky ghost went on your acc and did some clearing for you.
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    Eww, that sucks. Thank you for answers.

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