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    Heroic ToES progression tonight, Affliction lock POV

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    Heroic Heart of Fear and Heroic Terrace of Endless Springs Farm, all 12 bosses heroic Mistweaver / Disc POV

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    16/16 HC Prot Paladin PoV, just starting our farm

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    Doing Heroic Terrace Farm, all 4 bosses on heroic.

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    heroic hof full clear tonight, starts in 20 minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destroyed View Post

    heroic hof full clear tonight, starts in 20 minutes
    h hof clear with new apps

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    You can see all my heroic kills at :


    13/16 Heroic Progression - Resto Shaman POV

    Raid Nights are : 10pm - 2am central time

    Open mic so you can hear what we are doing - the good and bad :x
    Ask questions in chat and I'll look at them during down time / wipes / trash

    I also stream Starcraft when I have time - I only play gold league but trying to ladder on off nights.

    Thanks for any support and follows
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    Howdy y'all.

    Raiding heroic HoF tonight, progressing on Garalon and Amber Shaper tonight! Hunter PoV

    Raid times: 19:30-23:00 GMT+1 (CET). Guild name W H O on Twisting Nether EU 9/16 heroic

    Streaming in 1080p with commentary, webcam and chat interaction when not in the middle of a boss encounter.
    I stream raid shenanigans, retro games and general silliness over at twitch.tv/kanthos. 3+ days, 5+ hours every week.

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    Heroic Sha progression tonight at 7pm CST: twitch.tv/tickletotem

    Ele POV from <Seriously Casual> on US-Sargeras. Cam, commentary, music, and chat interaction.
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    Windwalker Monk , Supermassive us5th. 7:30pm EST 720p 60fps

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    Could anybody direct me to some feral druids steams plz?

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    Streaming tonights raid and next 3 days of Heroic PTR

    Windwalker Monk , Supermassive us5th. 7:30pm EST 720p 60fps


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    Holy Paladin - <Temerity> US#19 25m

    16/16H Stream


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    Streaming spirit kings hc 10 now Hpala PoV


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    - Nightmare Asylum: #2 US 10man.
    - Will be streaming 5.2 Progression.
    - Brewmaster main, Prot Paladin Alt.
    - Giveaways at follower marks. Next mark is 150 followers.
    - Available to answer questions.

    Streaming Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon 6 PST - 11 PST.

    Sig made by Shyama. Click sig for current Warlock armory.

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    Check out our guild Monk tank show our journey to Realm first for 5.2
    We also show our daily gold challenge modes whenever possible also many other games


    - Brewmaster tank
    - Streamer will answer questions as well as Mods

    Stream Schedule: Sunday to Wednesday 8:00 p.m - 11:30 p.m EST
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    throne of thunder live stream, us 77 25m progressing

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