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    Blood DK pov, 8/10 M

    Sun-Thurs 7:30-12:30 EST I like chatting about wow and tanking and everything.

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    Rogue pov, 10/10 M, World 3rd/US 1st Midwinter

    Pretty much streaming all of Mythic farm + alt stuff.

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    your heart <3
    Hey guys
    I'm the brewmaster for Carebears of Azgalor(us) Currently 5/10mythic (#150us)

    raid times wed,thurs,mon 8pm est -12am est

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    Toastie here from <Imba> on Lightning's Blade US. We're 10/10M and I'll be streaming our totally awesome farm content Mon-Thurs @ 6 PM PST - 9 PM PST.

    Warlock Pov, with bonafide keyboard abuse going on 24/7.
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    Prot Warrior PoV
    <Monster> Mal'Ganis
    8/10 Mythic US 200

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    This Friday, <Insurgency> (8/10M) is hosting a heroic BRF as a meet-and-greet for potential new applicants.

    I'll be live streaming it (Twitch link) if you'd like to hang out but can't make it to the actual run.

    More details on the run at OpenRaid. More details on Insurgency at our website, or you can just message me on here.

    Thanks for your time !
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    My Youtube Channel (latest mythic HFC kill vids: Kilrogg Deadeye, Hellfire High Council, Kormrok).
    My Twitch stream (with all attempts for above kills temporarily archived)

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    Warlock main streaming BRF 10/10M and eventually HFC clears, also with mage / hunter alt povs. Currently raiding with WHATEVER WERE AWESOME (US 12th).

    Schedule is Sun-Thurs 8:00PM - 12:00AM EST

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    Steam my raids with my guild. <Highclass> - Horde US Kil'Jaeden (US 339). Ret pally PoV currently 7/7 Mythic Highmaul and 7/10 Mythic BRF. Tuesday-Thursday 8-11pm PST.
    Live streaming Ret pally PoV Tuesday-Thursday, 8-11pm PST-
    7/7M HM, 7/10M BRF, 12/13 H HFC
    Logs -

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    Nowhere near most of you guys I'm sure, only 3/10 Mythic, but if you want some entertaining music and trolling of fellow guild members(esp. in chat), I stream Sunday-Thursday ~9-12 EST, with Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday being WoW raids(Monday and Wednesday I'll play Hearthstone, HoTS, or possibly some other games).

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    Alliance New HFC Heroic Progression Help - Live Stream TONIGHT

    Nocturnal Lunacy, a top 100 US guild, is taking a stab at Hellfire Citadel tonight on heroic mode TONIGHT at 9PM - 12AM CST

    (Starting at 7PM PST/8PM MST/10PM PST)

    They will be doing progression help
    Come support my friends! You can watch from a Feral Druid PoV or Shadow Priest PoV. (FD) (SP)

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    Insurgency is streaming heroic Hellfire Citadel tonight !

    Starting the instance any minute now. Stream is going live right now.
    My Youtube Channel (latest mythic HFC kill vids: Kilrogg Deadeye, Hellfire High Council, Kormrok).
    My Twitch stream (with all attempts for above kills temporarily archived)

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    Hey guys, Xyronic from <Limit> here. I will be streaming my POV of our mythic kills tomorrow in the normal kill video loop format. Check it out at

    Armory -
    Stream - (Tues-Thurs 7:00 - 11:30 and 12:30 - 3:30 cst)

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    <What Does Dog Think> of Madoran US Rank #29

    MORE Mythic Gorefiend Hellfire Citadel!

    Hunter Point of View!

    5/13 Mythic HFC
    Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:
    9:30pm - 1am EST

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    Lorekeepers @Darksorrow EU

    Warlock & Alt Mage POV

    Currently 9/13M
    Streaming Farm @

    6:45PM GMT - 11PM GMT - Wed,Thurs,Sun,Mon,Tues

    You can catch our first Mythic Kills @


    Corsair 750D - i7 5820k @ 4.2 GHz - Corsair H100i - 8GB Corsair Vengeance @ 2800 MHz - TITAN X - GIGABYTE X99 GAMING 5

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    Good Game @Stormrage US

    Priest (Holy or Shadow) PoV

    Currently 5/13M
    Streaming farm and progression @

    7-10PM PST M-Th

    I also have a youtube channel where I post our kill vids in my signature.
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    Youtube | Twitter | Priest
    Stream 7:00PM- 10:00PM PST Mon-Thurs

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    United Kingodm, Kent
    ScrubBusters: World #15 13/13 Mythic

    Stream at:

    Hunter PoV

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    Hello all I just started raiding with a guild for the first time today (8/12/15) and just started streaming too!

    It's on Twitch, I can't post a link as I just signed up I guess, if you search Lolpowercord that would be me

    Please let me know what you guys think and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Huge in Japan 12/13M Mythic Archimonde progression 23% wipe

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    <Encore> 13/13M Unholy DK things

    Jet memes cant melt dank fuel.

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