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    Orionid - MM Hunter PoV
    <Vindicatum> Icecrown-US 13/13 M HFC
    55th US Mythic Archimonde

    Wednesday: 9pm-12:15am EST
    Monday: 9pm-12:15am EST
    Sunday: 8pm-12:15am EST

    Also occasional Tuesday night Mythic BRF or H HFC alt runs. As well as Xbox One streaming, now mostly on Halo 5!

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    Field Marshal Varithmus's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    YouTube @ ReSpawnTimer
    Hellfire Citadel - Hunter POV - Varimon

    Turalyon - The Phoenix Reborn -


    Wednesday: 19:30 - 22:30 GMT (UK Time)
    Sunday: 19:30 - 22:30 GMT (UK Time)

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    Hellfire Citadel - Death Knight POV - Scented(Mainly Unholy DPS)

    Raidtimes are mon, tus, thur, sun 20:00-00:00 GMT+1

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    Restoration Shaman PoV
    <Agents of Change> Alliance on Alexstrasza.
    5/13 Mythic HFC
    Main stream times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-10:30 pm CST / Friday 7:30-11pm (alt run)

    STREAMING NOW!! 8:45pm CST 12/30/2015...come join me for Mythic Gorefiend pain and also some good tunes!!
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    United Kingdom, Kent
    ScrubBusters World 15 - Mythic Archimonde

    Mainly streaming as a Hunter, but I play every ranged class and some melee.
    Streaming every Wednesday for ScrubBusters main run farm and then randomly on other days!

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    Hey guys if you're interested in mythic raiding with several character come take a look at my streaming!


    Daily streaming from 15.00 to 18.00 est+1 (monk tank or mage horde 11/13 mythic current )
    and from 21.00 to 00.30 est+1 (warlock main character ally 13/13 mythic)

    i hope you'll enjoy XD

    no streaming during weekends because... reasons!(sunday eveneing exception)

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