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    Best WoW class/race combo...

    Just curious to see what you all think is the best race class combo in the game...

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    chuck norris spec'd for round house kicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thral View Post
    Just curious to see what you all think is the best race class combo in the game...
    The only Alliance faction I can stand to play is Gnomes. I'm also a fan of Rogues. I have had multiple Gnome Rogues and a Troll Rogue. Engineering is also nice with a Rogue, especially as a Gnome.
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    Uh, well:
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    Orc shaman. since of increase expertice on axe and damage on wolves, and the increase attack power buff. + stun resistance is quite nice.

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    Troll Paladin would be the best ever.

    but Troll Anything is superior to any other class/race combo

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    Holy Cows and Bears that Moo! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    But yeah, anything Orc or Tauren works well.... Alliance and Blood Elves are blegh.... (except for Dranei... I kinda like them actually)

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    I wanna see Worgen Paladin. Why? Worgens are awesome. Paladins are awesome. And why not? Worgens are basicly humans anyway.
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    Orc warrior, Tauren druid, Undead rogue/warlock, Troll hunter, Belf-female mage. THE END.

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    Night Elf Rogue anyone? Yes please.

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    Troll druid, because all their forms look freaking awesome!
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    undead <class>

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    Quote Originally Posted by hulksteri View Post
    undead <class>
    Yes, OMG, nerf cannibalism already...

    ^ that's my sarcasm color.

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    Even though I have never made one. I think Troll Warriors are the xexiest race/class ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rozaparks View Post
    Engineering is also nice with a Rogue
    I agree with this, love having engineering as a Rogue... Hell I even wore the intellect trinket for awhile because it pops a nice bubble quite often lol
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    It really depends what your purpose is. For the horde I'd generally go with belf for pvp (another silence, not as useful for DK's) and goblin for pve (+haste) or orc/troll if you're a hunter.

    Esthetically female tauren druid any day

    ps: noticed where this topic is. I stand by my decision, not a fan of belfs but their racial is pretty darn good for pvp.

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    Honestly...Night Elf Females Warrior Tank is the "sexiest" looking class race combo in the game, i recall it with the Illidan shield and t6, they looked amazing. Outside of that for legit reason i would have to go Orc Shaman probably, Maybe troll hunter. (I am alliance if you were curious)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hulksteri View Post
    undead <class>
    I agree with this!

    I've always thought Undead Rogues look pretty menacing, but Dwarf Warriors are also very fitting. Especially when that dwarf is wielding a big axe.

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    Gnome Arcane mage(the extra mana is hot)

    Orc frost mage (free sp trinket, plus 5% dmg bonus to your elemental)

    Night Elf Sub Rogue(because who doesn't want another way to go stealth)

    Dwarf Resto Shaman(because nothing pisses a feral druid off more in 2s then loading up all his bleeds and then wiping them right off)

    And Cow DK, because the onlything a dk doesnt have is a stun
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