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    Trapped in Rykha's basement

    *Whistles innocently*

    Though I think at the time we weren't mods yet.

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    lol... I love that...
    I wish there we mods on my server, but no they all avoid Drak'Tharon - US! :P
    Cause they all mean!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nixx View Post
    Yeah, Europe certainly didn't play any sort of role in destroying the stability of Africa. The United States is literally the source of all evil. The United Satans, mirite?

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    I don't really play much anymore....and my name isn't the same as in-game (which is in my sig)..therefore I have no friends
    "I'm glad you play better than you read/post on forums." -Ninety
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    Zul'jin has plenty of room for friends...

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