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    Patch 4.1 on US Realms - Extended Maintenance

    Update - The Blizzard CMs are waiting for an update on the update.

    Patch 4.1 on US Realms - Extended Maintenance
    Originally Posted by Nethaera (Blue Tracker)
    11:00 a.m. PDT-

    We will be extending maintenance for all realms for 1 hour 30 minutes and anticipate they will be available for play at 12:30 PDT. We will provide additional updates as necessary.
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    Hope it wont be delayed on EU realms to

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    Typical patch day fun. Head over to CS forums and have some fun!!!!

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    oh noes! me so sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geox View Post
    Hope it wont be delayed on EU realms to
    D'oh, of course it will be. Plan ahead for 4-5 hours of extended maintenance.
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    yeah nobody saw that one coming

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    I hope they extend Noblegarden then :/

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    LOL well i mean we all knew that was coming :P

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    i bet 3 updates more

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    what this has never happened before

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    Typical on a patch day

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    Quote Originally Posted by genericpeter View Post
    I hope they extend Noblegarden then :/
    Are you not done with the achieves yet? They only took me two hours to do on a high populated server.

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    Time to Play battlefield for a few hours.

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    Time to watch youtube vids or play ME2 for awhile

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    why dont they just give themselves mroe maintenance time from the beginning? they always extend it so why dont they just add a few hours on to it form the start and if it ends earlier it would make people happy rather than annoyed?
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    Don't get how it can come as a surprise each time they update... "WTF this requires more attention than last patch?"

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    I think it is very unprofessional for Blizzad to not put realistic finish times for patch times.

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