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    Be honest, how long did it take you to notice?

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    Less than a second doesn't work with small pictures. Try agian

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    a split second
    yep i look at womens faces first
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    a split second, the face is to obvious.

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    face>breasts. Yeah im not a jerk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badde View Post
    face>breasts. Yeah im not a jerk
    for real? I'd say his breasts look better.

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    Nearly everyone will notice immediately due to the size of the picture, don't let the people claiming "well IIIIIII saw it because I'm not a jerk" fool you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayharut View Post
    a split second
    yep i look at womens faces first
    Face > Everything

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    She needs to shave, other than that she's pretty hot.
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    I noticed in less than a second... Swift look at the face, down to breasts and then back to check the face again... and yep, it was still a horrible face for a female... =P

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    I'm a woman, so I saw that a guy's face was pasted on it immediately -.-

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    I think the face loaded first or something because I noticed the facial hair before I ever got to look at the chest.
    Maybe all those time meeting wow women IRL and they turning out to be guys has made me wise to this kind of ruse, IDK. j/k btw.

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    face>breasts. Yeah im not a jerk
    Quote Originally Posted by It can be ANYTHING View Post
    for real? I'd say his breasts look better.
    You made my day

    Anyway, not much, I scan everything (face boobs bums) quickly and then stumble upon what feels the best part.

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    About 5 seconds. Yea....
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    Quote Originally Posted by It can be ANYTHING View Post
    for real? I'd say his breasts look better.
    lol'd so hard.

    OT: A second to notice it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Baggers View Post
    This message was brought to you by WotLK, where thinking less, is more.

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    Gotta be honest, 2 first seconds my eyes focused on the breasts! I was pretty sure it was them it was something wrong with... I was proved wrong.
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    Quick scan from head to toe (or as low as picture shows)
    Realise something isnt right with face, notice chest, go back up to face in about a second

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