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    Fitness Goals Thread

    Hey guys was wondering what fitness goals you guys set for yourself this year, feel free to link pics, share your diet/meal plan, workout routine as well as your stats!

    I'm 22, 108kg male 5'9

    Current goal: get below 100kg (Prefer close to 90kg)
    After that I want to stay around that weight, i'm already quite big not fat wise but 108kg isnt all muscle but I can already lift a lot, but my main goal is to stay around 90kg.

    To reach this goal i'm currently going 6-7 days a week for an hour and a half training with my brother so we push each other, my diet probably needs a tiny tweaking to get rid of some carbs to drop the weight faster (replace rice with veggies since im not bulking atm).

    What's yours?

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    I have not worked out for a little more than 2 months now Before that I only lifted weights. I have done none/minimal cardio the last 10 years and instead I have been sitting infront of the computer and smoking instead.

    My goal is to be able to run 10km in under 45 minutes before summer is over.

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    To perform a muscle up. I am humbled every time I try even though I work on the progression exercises regularly.

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    I intend to learn to jump rope for more than 30 seconds at a time, I always catch my feet and lose my temper which makes the problem worse.

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    My dream is to be able to do a 360º spin in those "chin up bars" (is that the right name?). My current goal is to get around 11~12% BF (I was 21.5% last time I checked).

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    To get my 3mi/5k time back down to sub-18 minutes (at upper 19 mins now)
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    do 100 push ups with no rest
    weigh between 190-200lbs /w 6-8% BF
    jump rope 60 mins no stopping

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    By far the biggest goal for me this year is running a sub-3 marathon. I expect to do so in spring without too much trouble, but there's a lot of miles to be run between now and then. Other goals to be hit this year are a sub-30 8K (although I think 30:30 is more realistic at the moment) and possibly a sub-18 5K in fall if I can really improve speed in a big way.

    I'd like to ride my bike more this summer too, time and energy allowing, but that's just a fun hobby and I don't have specific goals. If I road even 1K miles during the warmer months I'd be pretty happy with that.

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    Get down to 90kg.
    Deadlift 200kg*5
    Bench press 90kg*5
    Squat 160kg*5
    Overhead press 65kg*5
    Go as high as i can with weighted pullups.

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    I am going to be turning 35 this summer. I am 5'6" and roughly 250LBS.

    My goal is to get under 180 by the end of the summer.

    I will be hitting the gym 2x a day, before and after work, and/or taking my dogs on increasing walks/jogs. I also am starting a near-paleo whole-foods diet, eliminating most carbs and pre-fab foods (boxed cereals, soda, boxed sides, etc.).

    I'm also planning on getting a new fitness tracker, as I've gained like 12 pounds since my dog chewed my Fitbit.
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    Update, finally under 100kg! next goal 80kg.

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    500 lb squat, 315 lb bench & 565 deadlift or to total 1350 around this time next year @ 198 or 204 lbs. Place top 5 at a local or state powerlifting meet. Preferably the latter.

    Current lifts are a 405 lb squat, 253 lb bench & a 465 lb deadlift. Training isn't set up yet, but for the most part I squat 3x/week, bench 3+/week & deadlift twice a week w/ an accessory movement for each lift. Bigger calves & arms would be nice too lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoddle View Post
    To perform a muscle up. I am humbled every time I try even though I work on the progression exercises regularly.
    I hopefully get one soon... I would also like to do a handstand walk of at least a meter or two.

    I don't really have any set goals, I just do the work and try to improve as much as possible on all areas. I think setting goals like going to the gym five times a week instead of four work better than setting goals like lifting X amount of weight or lose X amount of weight. You either feel disappointed if you don't make it or you feel like you are done when you do make it which can result in you slowing down or even giving up. And even if you barely do anything that fifth time you go to the gym at least you are there and you do something instead of sitting on the couch.

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