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  • Skinny

    29 14.95%
  • Skinny fat

    30 15.46%
  • Athletic skinny

    37 19.07%
  • fit and ripped

    5 2.58%
  • fit and build

    22 11.34%
  • bodybuilder

    6 3.09%
  • Chubby

    25 12.89%
  • Obese

    9 4.64%
  • Stronglifter

    3 1.55%
  • Build fat

    28 14.43%
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    What´s your physique?

    going by this image for reference.

    Do you work out? Why? Or why not? Do you do it for cosmetic purposes or general fitness or strength?
    What would be year ideal body type?

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    Stood in the Fire RH92's Avatar
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    According to your picture I am Athletic skinny. I do work out, but only for general strength and fitness.

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    I am very close to my ideal body type. Alas, when I try to engage in any long term physical improvement routine I get hit with serious sickness very soon and chronic bronchitis limits me at almost all times : /

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    Blademaster k4tamai's Avatar
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    I'll join in on this one!

    Some info about me: I am 190 cm tall, getting close to the 70 KG mark, with a body fat percentage at around 7%.
    Before i started working out (Been doing noob fitness for a few years. No proper nutrition or anything, so no progress) i was at the 62 kilo mark, whichn is rather unhealthy for my height.
    I decided to start working out and eating properly (which is incredibly hard if you are not used to eating a lot!!!) becase i was tired of looking like a stick, and being underweight / malnutritioned (Spelled?).

    I currently work out 4 times a week, take supplements in the form of Creatine, Vitamin Pills, Protein Powder and ZMA. Apart from the supplements i make sure to get roughly 3.3k calories in a day (sometimes 3k if i replace one of the smaller meals with some nuts). This assures me an approximate weight gain of 4-500 Grams a week. My ideal body type (as many i guess) is fit and ripped, but for starters the goal is to reach 80 kilos and put on some muscle :-)!

    Share your stories guys!

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    During summer I'm somewhere between athletic skinny and fit&ripped/fit and built (these two are practically the same if you exclude the tan) and during the winter season I start to look a bit more like built fat, but not as extreme as in the pictures.

    The range of these pictures are pretty thin I'd say. The entire top row is probably <6% bodyfat or something like that while the bottom row are all above 15-20%.
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    I'm a woman, I'm doing a body recomp. a year's "work", same weight but different body fat %:

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    Somewhere between skinny and skinny fat.

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    6'3" and about 170 lbs right now (1.9 meters, 77 kg). I don't know where that goes on that metric, so I put Athletic Skinny.
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    Probably somewhere between skinny fat and built fat. I'd say I have very little fat overall, except for around my stomach/torso area. I do a lot of strength conditioning so I consider myself somewhat strong for my size and my arms/legs have a bit of definition. I just can't get rid of this gut however - too much beer and bad dieting.

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    Between spooky skeleton and Athletic Skinny.
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    At the moment I am Skinny Fat. That is because I have been to lazy to start working out after the summer.

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    Herald of the Titans Tzalix's Avatar
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    Built fat, I suppose. Don't really work out much, other than carrying computers around at work and stuff like that. I have a pretty large frame, got that from my dad. Exercise would be great. But I'm too lazy.
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    High Overlord Aethrysa's Avatar
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    I'm female, so the pictures don't really apply to me.. But I'm skinny fat. (5'4, 130 lbs with very little muscle tone) Currently working on getting into a decent workout routine to fix that, I want to look and feel better.

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    Squat low or go home

    I would say im fit&build, but not as low bodyfat as in that picture of course...still good though for my age (30+ ).

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    The Unstoppable Force RICH816's Avatar
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    I do not see my build there, Orangutan.

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    Banned Manakin's Avatar
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    6/6.1' and 80ish kg, i'm currently a mix between built fat and skinny fat; Cuz ima bulkan durin da winter.

    Working out 3 days a week, with a day of cardio, so 4 days all in all; I consume an excess of 4k calories on workout days to put on weight.

    Don't really bother with pre-workouts but i do with some supplements.

    Age is 19 (07/08/95), been working out just under a year now.

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    Built fat lol Gotta look the roll, or the bitches won't give you the attention, but you also gotta be strong cuz they call you out on it when you tell'em you can do the dirty dancing move. I tried it once (she was 5'0, 104lbs of ripped tight little college cheerleader) and... I was able to do it reasonably well. She told her friends... fuck, most of the others weren't as tiny as her. But, it did get me going back to the gym on more of a regular basis (4 times a week, which is a little light but at least the habit is there).
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    somewhere between skinny and athletic skinny. I don't like abdominal training and getting ripped happens in the kitchen, not the gym

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    Obese and fat down to the thugged out white beach bandana. Rock on!

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    I couldn't find the size between athletic skinny and skinny fat. The guy in the Athletic skinny picture looks a lot thiner than I do, and the guy in the skinny fat picture looks like he doesn't lift weights.

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