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    Arms Warrior, MM hunter, Resto druid

    I was curious about this setup and I wanna know is it the hunter that deals the most damage in 3v3 or is it the warrior because I practicly are doing less damage then my warrior evertime but I mostly deals with the CCs and stuff got 2k resilience on 1.8k rating and 2k mmr

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    KFC with a druid, pretty sure that would work just as well. Pretty sure the warrior bursts harder but scatter / trap / silence / cyclone seals the kill np.
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    any comp with a warrior = the warrior is doing the damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crooklyn View Post
    any comp with a warrior = the warrior is doing the damage
    Or one of the people doing damage. In TSG you'd both better be doing ridiculous damage or you fail.

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