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    DR question mage / lock

    Hey Guys,

    I'm a noob. I run lock / mage 2v2. Would this work as written (in a perfect world of course) ?? I just want to make sure I'm understanding DR properly. If a lock buddy and I coordinate our little faces off and did the following would it work DR wise?

    Spell - DR Type - Time - Total
    Sheep (Disorient) - 8s
    Seduce (Fear) - 8s (16s)
    Sheep (Disorient) - 4s (20s)
    Seduce (Fear) - 4s (24s)
    Ring of Frost (Controlled Root) - 8s (32s)
    Deep Freeze (Controlled Stun) - 5s (37s)
    Improved Counter Spell (Silence) - 4s (41s)
    Death Coil (Horror) 2s - (43s)

    after death coil goes off both Sheep and Seduce are off the DR table??? Is this true??


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    It's fifteen seconds after the last CC that the DR resets (or something of that nature). So by the time your Deep Freeze is just about done (or rather the counter spell) you'll be able to continue to sheep, yes.

    And of course this is in a perfect world where they don't trinket a cc/move out of RoF or anything :P

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    Polymorph and RoF shares DR. Too bad.

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    RoF isn't a root.

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    this might work:

    Spell - DR Type - Time - Total
    Sheep (Disorient) - 8s
    Sheep (Disorient) - 4s (12s)
    Seduce (Fear) - 8s (20s)
    Seduce (Fear) - 4s (24s)
    Improved Counter Spell (Silence) - 4s (28s)
    Ring of Frost (Disorient) - 8s (36s)
    Deep Freeze (Controlled Stun) - 5s (41s)
    Death Coil (Horror) 2s - (43s)

    Seduce (Fear) - 8s (51s)
    Seduce (Fear) - 4s (55s)
    Sheep (Disorient) - 8s (63s)
    Sheep (Disorient) - 4s (67s)

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    The RoF would in all likelihood still be on DR from the initial Polymorph, reducing its hold to 5 seconds, but other than that looks good. Still think it would be better to open with a DF into a RoF, since that alone is 15 seconds of CC, but to each his own.

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