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    Quote Originally Posted by buck008 View Post
    It was pretty clear they should be playing around Dwayne Wade. With the way LeBron is built, he should spend this summer watching some film from Hakeem or Ewing or Bird and learn a low post game. .
    Couldn't agree more.. Problem is, Who is gonnna tell the great one that? Spoelstra? Don't think so.

    Bring back Pat Riley. He's only 66. Even LBJ could not argue a legend like him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buck008 View Post
    South Florida fans in general are front runners and don't care. So I've known for a while the fans down here suck. I posted this on Cracked a little bit ago. Sums up this series for me:

    After having some time to digest this, I think I've finally drawn a conclusion about this series, this team, and LeBron James in specific. Obviously, the better team won. This year, with these rosters, if this series was played 10 times Dallas wins 8 of them. Dirk finally got his turn as a superstar, which was long deserved.

    The Heat though, have been organized all wrong. It was pretty clear they should be playing around Dwayne Wade. With the way LeBron is built, he should spend this summer watching some film from Hakeem or Ewing or Bird and learn a low post game. It's pretty clear which one of those two can handle the pressure of carrying a team in the clutch, and this team doesn't work well when Wade is trying to let Bron do his thing, but the sackless bastard keeps passing up shots and giving up the ball.

    At this point, we can't say James is the best player in the NBA. Sure he has the potential, but he isn't. No more Jordan talk, no more Hall of Fame talk, and none of this "one of the best players ever". He's earned none of that. Right now, he's a very good player. He's certainly a huge improvement over the average. But he is not great. He doesn't lead, he doesn't make his team mates better, he doesn't rise to the occasions that called for greatness. I think that's what pissed me off about game 5 and the triple double. He did just enough that people couldn't say he did nothing, but he turned in a very good game when the situation demanded a great game. Nowitski played out of his mind for 6 games and stepped up when it mattered most. When Dirk was down, his team carried the load until he could get on track, but they still looked to him to get it done. At the end of game 6, Chalmers wouldn't pass to James on a break away down the stretch. Mario fucking Chalmers knew LeBron didn't have it and they would have to do it without him. He needs to go into a media blackout this offseason and really figure out what he needs to do to get from very good to great, or he needs to learn and accept a new role. Unfortunately I don't think the guy's ego will let him do that.
    I absolutely loathe the Heat, but this is a very well though out and true post. I 2nd everything you said here.

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    Agree with the Spoelstra point. After watching the post game interview with him on NBA TV, he just really doesn't need to be coaching that team. He doesn't seem to know anything that he's talking about and just can't seem to handle those big stars. Comparing him and Carlisle this series is just funny.

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    I have this vision of Lebron developing a low post game in the mold of Karl Malone. He has the size to do it, but he doesn't have the mental toughness. If he did, his athleticism combined with that type of low post game would create the monster of a player he should be. I don't see it ever happening though.

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    Can you imagine him with a post game? He'd be a damn nightmare. I do think Spoelstra is gone. Not sure if Riles will come down from the front office, but i think they need someone with some experience. He was pantsed by Carlisle for 4 games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buck008 View Post
    I'm looking for LeBron James. He's clearly not in Dallas so I figured this was as good a place as any to look. Christ... 2 points in the 4th quarter. The biggest game of his life after 2 days of getting called out by everyone including DeShawn Stevenson (the bench player that ends up guarding him often), and that was how he answers the criticism? No one is allowed to make Michael Jordan comparisons with Bron until he does anything worthwhile in the finals.
    Michael Jordan had 6 NBA championships as a player, that should be more then sufficient reasoning as to how LeBron will never EVER compare to Michael Jordan. No team wins 6 championships during the span of a single players career anymore, teams may get close if they have a dynasty team for several years, but it won't happen ever again. I mean, the Lakers won 5 between 2000 and 2010 and the Spurs 4 times between 99 and 07 but the Bulls won it 6 times in 7 years, most other teams to hit 5 have done it over the span of around 10 years. LeBron will never amount to what Michael Jordan did, hell he won't even amount to what Kobe Bryant has done in his career, or Kevin Garnette for that matter. All guys who have won more deserve more praise then that overrated egotistical douche.

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    Lebron most likely going to win some rings in the future.

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    Not if he only gets 19 points in an elimination game.

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    113 lol Miami you can only dream

    LeBron can't be compared to MJ and he can't even lace up Kobe's shoes either. "Greatest player today" forgets that there are 4 quarters to play.
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    No one cares about Miami or LeBrick...


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    Texas as a whole is horrible for the record

    I like how the Cavs coach is talking about the Heat losing, I think while Lebron was on the Cavs they went to the playoffs every year but as soon as he drops the Cavs they can't even manage a .500 record, why is that? because he carried that team

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    Screw Miami and screw Dallas Mavericks.
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