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    Photoshop Fun - The Costume Party

    Hey there!
    So I've been looking at Subway thread with Thrall, LK, Ragnaros you name it!
    Some guy made a Illidan thread and I thought of the idea of putting Illidan in an outfit, and it hit me that Batman would fit perfectly, but after several minutes of work getting batmans uniform to fit (massive use of warp and retouching) I thought "why stop here"?
    So I started putting costumes on other characters.

    Here are 2 (third doesnt really count :P) and perhaps you could pick a character yourself put on a silly costume, make a funny guildname that fits and we could put em all in in a room, a bar, Subway? or whatever and have a great Costume Party!

    Edit: Little change. I will be making a small comic strip. Make a character and perhaps Ill feature it in it!


    Lady Katrana Prestor aka Onyxia:

    Varian Wrynn:

    Lets see how create YOU can be?
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    I like the Batman one, and hah, "hentai hair club" oO
    WoD was destroyed thanks to MoP feedback where everything outside of raids should be optional.
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