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    Ketchup has such a strong flavor; instead of complimenting the flavor of the dish, ketchup completely dominates it and makes everything taste like tomatoes.

    I like ketchup, but it distracts you from the food's flavor so much you can barely taste it, so I rarely even put it on anything,
    Except hamburgers. It's the only thing that works out fine.

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    i dont put ketchup on my spaghetti. however i do put it on my eggs. also how can u have mac n cheese without tuna? its fucking great!

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    I know you're not supposed to, but ketchup is so good on burgers. I can't help it. I like it on fries occasionally, but most fries are good enough plain.
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    Ketchup is a necessary aid to digesting all them yucky unhealthy foods...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rethea View Post
    I know you're not supposed to, but ketchup is so good on burgers. I can't help it. I like it on fries occasionally, but most fries are good enough plain.
    what are you talking about? a lot of burgers have ketchup on it! maccas, burgers with the lot you name it!
    and also: i pretty much eat most my foods with ketchup: ITS AMAZING ON PASTA!

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    Eeew, people actually eat that? I always thought that was a joke to describe fast food behaviour :/

    I mean, depending on the recipe you can add ketchup to your Bolognese, but only ketchup...yuck.

    And to all those saying Ketchup because it has tomatoes in it; No. It's not the tomatoes that make it gross, it's the sugar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zao View Post
    And to all those saying Ketchup because it has tomatoes in it; No. It's not the tomatoes that make it gross, it's the sugar.
    This, Ketchup is Loaded with sugar. Also, I prefer my pasta with little sauce, and ketchup completely overwhelms any other flavors in pasta, Olive oil + basil + little pieces of bacon = win

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    There's even this commercial in Sweden.
    Pancakes with Ketchup. That's even worse than Spaghetti with ketchup...
    Pasta without any sauce and only ketchup is horrible, in my opinion.

    Pasta with sauce or neither.
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    Pasta is at its best when eaten with a sause of cream and some different spiceses or crushed tomatoes with basil and olive oil <3
    But for those lazy days when you can't bother to do anything but meatballs and pasta, ketchup works just fine

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    If you don't use ketchup or tomatosauce or something like that with spaghetti/pasta foods, you're wierd.
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    i love ketchup, but only god ol' heinz
    go through a big bottle once a week if i feel like it

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    Everyone loves Ketchup! Its like Guiles theme, it goes with EVERYTHING,

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    Ugh.... I can eat Ketchup with two things only: Burgers and Hotdogs

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    Stockholm, Sweden

    Some context: on the 10th of December, the Nobel Prize Banquet takes place. All the Nobel Prize laureates are invited, along with royalty and other posh people from around the world.
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    I've ate pasta with ketchup since I was a baby more or less, it's always been normal in Denmark. I actually thought it was normal everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aldar View Post
    Ive heard this more than once at first i thought it was a joke, ketchup on spaghetti what kind of blasphemy is this surely people cant truly eat stuff like that.
    No joke at all. Lots of ppl cannot afford to eat useful tasty things so they have to eat pasta which is useful and totally tasteless. Hence the need for ketchup on it.
    Still working on my original cool saying..

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    must say, i just made an account just for this thread.

    and also, i eat ketchup with toast. i love ketchup. as much as pikachu does.

    and that is all.

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    Go to Canada and you will see ketchup flavored potato chips


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    my son likes only ketchup on his spaghetti, while i prefer the ordinary tomato sauce with some spice, meatballs and such stuff.. and tons of cheeze!
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    ketchup pwns :P thats all

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