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    Old SWG community and housing/bartering.etc but more refined
    Gemstone 4 (MUD) skilled based + experience leveling
    WoW raids and dungeons similar to TBC era + outdoor bosses
    Open PvP with rewards that mean something
    Post Apocalyptic similar to fallout 3, but not fallen earth style
    WoW fluidity with combat

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    I would have to say a Starfox mmo, they've got enough planets for a good amount of content.
    Not to mention all the, "races".
    Can you afford to be wrong?

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    My dream MMO would contain the following:

    -A large fantasy-like world with an involving storyline
    -Several unique/creative races
    -Balanced classes all around
    -Unique PvP & PvE mechanisms
    -Internet references (Because they make everything better)
    -Mounts (Flying optional)
    -Dungeons and raids with a decent difficulty setting
    -No revamps!

    Of course, being F2P would be perfect as well... Though history taught me that most F2P games aren't very good, with just a couple of exceptions.

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    Like wow, just free.

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    guild wars 2, might actually have fun playing an mmo again

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