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    Take a feature from GW2 and put it in any other MMO. Which feature/MMO you'd choose?

    Hello champions! Great to see you, as ever!

    I'm all for MMO's, and GW2 is one of my favourites (you know that, just look at the amount of threads that I've created in this subforum ), so I was thinking:

    What feature from GW2 would you put in another MMO of your liking?

    I'd take the in-game auction-house to WoW. AH in WoW is kinda shitty, and I'm still impressed how intuitive, and even fun BLTC (Black Lion Trading Company) can be. Sign me in if that happens one day!

    And you?

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    Also the housing and world level scaling in some zones.

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    Easy: Take the wardrobe system from GW2 and import it into Final Fantasy 14, bonus points if being able to dye different portions of gear became available. Going the other way, let the player-crafted glamour prisms cross over to GW2; in other words, instead of having to buy transmute charges with gems (or through the monthly chest thing), people can craft them instead.

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