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    Returning player. Help?

    So I've been away from Guild Wars for about 4-5 months now and have finally decided to return. Was wondering if anyone can post and let me know;

    1) The "new" Lion Arch location
    2) New locations?
    3) Best class for WvW/PvP
    4) Map changes?
    5) Changes/New events?
    6) New Dungeons?

    Thank you to anyone that replys to this and helps me out.

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    This didn't really answer my questions at all...

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    1) Well Lion's Arch is in the same place it was before... so not really sure what you are asking there.
    2) I think Dry Top is the only new location in the last 4-5 months. I don't think it is accessible until you are 80. Heck I think you might need to do at least part of the living story season 2 stuff to open it up, not sure though. Living story episodes you missed will cost 200 gems each to unlock, but you can't do them unless you are level 80.
    3) No idea
    4) Same answer as #2 mostly... though there are some broken waypoints now and various other random things in various different maps.
    5) At this point the only new event you can experience is the first part of the living story season 2. Four parts each costs 200 gems to unlock. I'm sure Dulfy or the wiki has a good recap if you don't feel like playing it. More living story stuff will start 11/4 and if you want to see it free you just have to log on once when each part is active.
    6) No new Dungeons.

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    You don't have to do any LS to enter Dry Top, you can just walk through the portal in Brisban Wildlands.

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    All cities now have good populations, mostly near the bank and trading post. The Grove has a more RP feel, while Divinity's Reach has more of a city fun kind of style. Lion's Arch is broken into 3 bank/TP areas now, but it's still pretty grim there what with all the stench of dead bodies and what not. Not the most popular hang out.

    Dry Top is a new zone that you can access from the southwestern side of Brisban Wildlands. There's an event to open the portal, you don't need any chapters unlocked to go in. There are over 30 events in the new zone and it's unique in that the rewards are tiered depending on how many events are completed in a certain period of time. There's also sandstorms occurring every hour that reveal hidden chests, open new events and watch out for the quicksand!



    As far as best class - it's whatever is in the hands of the best players
    For WvW, the GWEN meta is still very popular for zerging although there's lots more rangers now, (more of a GWERN these days) and of course you always want a mesmer for utility, thiefs for ganking, and engis for bombs and nades.
    For PvP you see everything. The Tournament of Glory a couple weeks ago had engi, necro, warr, guard, ele, mesmer, thief and rangers all playing.

    There's also a bunch of Living Story instances, you can either play through them for free by joining on someone that has them unlocked or you can unlock each episode for 200 gems (or 30g) each. Each episode has 4 or 5 instances, they can be solo'd but many players choose to party up for them. The unlocks are also permanent, you can play and replay at your leisure to complete the achievements, some of which are very difficult. Be aware that you cannot earn the rewards if you are just tailing on someone else's instance, the rewards for these are the items needed to make an ascended backpiece and a pet that eats bloodstone dust daily in exchange for gifts of anything from junk to rares.

    They are well worth playing through imo, there's a couple very good boss fights and you get to see the Eternal Alchemy. Also the scavenger hunt for Mawdrey II is very fun

    They added a bunch new features with the September Feature Pack, here is the release page where you can see everything:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawow74 View Post
    You don't have to do any LS to enter Dry Top, you can just walk through the portal in Brisban Wildlands.
    Ah, cool. I couldn't remember if that only opened up as part of the first chapter of the second season or if it was already open

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