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    New player - few questions

    Ive leveled up a Necromancer and mesmer to level 12 and not sure which i like better to make my main.
    Im currently leveling up a elementalist to see if i like them any better

    Which profession is ideal for what? ive read Necromancer is better off solo, and not ideal for pve

    Also i have a big question reguarding those love heart NPCs when you level up. Once you complete their task, they unlock as a vendor and sell a few items.. is this how i gear up in GW2? Like i dont know if i should save my karma points or spend them on the gear these vendors are offering..

    Also what stats to focus.. im so confused

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    1. Necros are great soloers and are hard to kill in PvP if you play it right. Elementalists are more of the 'do everything' type of class, and are great in groups because of the different roles they can fill.

    2. Some of the heart NPCs have decent stuff to sell ya after you do their task, but for the most part I'd say that you should just save your Karma for later. Gear in the game is very non-important and you'll get decent upgrades through drops and leveling, and sometimes the personal story.

    3. Stats only matter if your going for a specific playstyle. Want to be the DoT guy? Spam condition dmg and duration. Want to hammer out the pain with crits? Precision and ferocity, and so on.
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    The biggest thing you need Karma for is if you want to make a Legendary or Ascended gear, then you'll need it for Obsidian Shards.

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    1: Play what ever you want, don't be to concerned about what is good at what, at the end of the day I have seen players turn any and all classes into absolute monsters, I feel that (at least in pvp) if you work at it, you'll do well with what ever you want to play.

    2: For out door world content a ranged character tends to work out better as a lot of content feels... melee unfriendly, as a theif I tend to use my short bow A LOT.

    3: Save it all, pick up crafting professions you'll level yourself as you create your gear, it's also a bit of fun messing with the discovery tab. Karma has uses later, mainly for legendaries but you can also out right deck yourself in exotics if you save enough, I was told to save mine when I first started, and I had no issues gear wise going forward... and because of that I have over 2.6 million karma now... eventually that will become a few beastly legendaries.

    4: Stats is an impossible question. For you given your level the best advice is simply: POWA!!!!!!!!! Seriously stack the living crap out of power the more power you get the more damage you'll do. However if you want to post a reply with more specifications to what you want to do stats can be explained more but I would highly recommend you not worry about that for now, and just stick to power / vita gear for leveling, mainly because at level cap is when you get to items properly stated IE instead of power on a weapon at level cap it has power, precision and ferocity, which is the "Berserker" combo.

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    Similar position to you Tilatequila, except my necro and mesmer have just hit the 40's. At this point I still can't put either of them down, but as Stormclaw says, my necro just facerolls most fights at the moment, whilst my mesmer is more fun to play (possibly because I have to try harder with him).

    As for gearing up, log in rewards give exotic lvl 80 gear, (eg. I've two pieces for my mesmer from a month and a half of play), so don't worry, you won't be entirely gearless when you hit 80.

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    just jump into the Mists - the PvP Lobby with any character you wanna test, it will get all skills and traits unlocked in this area and you can test your new skills on all the training-dummies and pvp-training-npcs standing around in the north of the map (E).

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    you can also spend karma on cultural weapons at a weapon vendor in the main cities.


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    Necro is probably easier to level than Mesmer. Mesmer is far more trait dependent. I feel you can play Necro in more ways than you can play Mesmer. Mes is either shatter or phantasms. Mantras a bit better now though. Necros can go condi, or go minions to solo roam open world, or go Power with Wells or Death Shroud. (or Daggers)

    Go ahead and spend karma if the Heart Vendor has an upgrade. You will make loads of karma over time and the only thing you need it for is legendary or ascended crafting. However, you may upgrade past the Heart Vendor gear easily from drops as well.

    Gear to focus on depends on what sort of build you want to run. Healing Power doesn't currently scale with anything useful in the game, so I wouldn't bother with Healing Power gear. Every other stat has a purpose.

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