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    Kelesti is always wrong.
    Can we just agree that a new hairstyle is needed at the very least?
    Shaving everything can fix it too!

    And he's going to the military so why not adjust now!?

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    Some hairstyles are really nice imho, from a female pov at least. I would say that the first set requires a really nice bone structure in the face because such strict lines will only emphasize any kind of imperfections in one's face. Second set seems to be ridiculously popular now, whenever I walk past a big bank or some kind of finance related company, half of the young men seem to be walking around with something like this.
    Second row, right pic - hands down the most popular hairstyle I've been seeing for the past year or so. Note that I don't consider ''normal hair'' a hairstyle, its just hair... So while many many many men walk around with just ''normal hair'', when it comes to actual styling that one is super popular. I personally like it. The right one in the bottom row looks nice too, but I think it would best suit a teenager or someone in very early 20s.

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    The tats dont make me a bad guy i have always loved them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    The tats dont make me a bad guy
    Why even mention this? They don't make anyone a bad guy. Monocles, moustachetwirling, evil laugh and a sidekick makes someone a bad guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElyPop View Post
    I wasn't necessarily saying that he has to have them because they're in style, just examples for what he could have. Because honestly, his hair needs help.
    Sorry for the late reply! This part I did understand, I didn't mean to imply that you yourself thought he *has* to have it. I do agree with using some kind of product. (Y)

    And such things are influenced by the fashion industry/runway designers. Trends that last 6 months at a time, etc.
    This is what confuses me. It feels like all designers just somehow universally agree on a single (or maybe 2-3) colors that will be in style a couple of months. If someone really fits in, say green, and they like green, they should just stick to that color. Not read somewhere that a certain color is in style and just go with that. I might be a bit boring in that I really like red/blue, and I usually have something either red or blue on me all year round. Not sure if my line of thought here is making much sense, but oh well, it's late!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aang View Post
    Also can someone photoshop that with an arrow on my head as well as being bald? Wait just put all the monk arrows in the right spot, maybe I'll send the person who does it first a present.
    ....what kind of present? <_<

    because you're always talking about your dick and throwing tacos at people

    Some hairstyles are really nice imho
    those are all terrible
    Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real. Sun coming up, 5 a.m., I wonder if they got cabs still?
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    You NEVER go full retard.

    Unless you ARE a retard.

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    How to scare kids into line (See Above).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewdrumpslap View Post

    Im sorry sir, if you keep posting pictures of empty fields I will have to ask you to leave.

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    I can't believe people got in an argument over my hair.
    The Runaway. I love my new nickname. Is there a picture of me? Does it look good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElyPop View Post
    Kelesti is always wrong.
    Can we just agree that a new hairstyle is needed at the very least?

    u wot m8?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    u wot m8?
    How old is that? I mean like.. I must have sent that months ago. O_o

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    Somebody should post a picture. Do it, ElyPopsicle.

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    For some reason I'm turning into a girl... Never took so many pictures of myself, ever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weider View Post
    For some reason I'm turning into a girl... Never took so many pictures of myself, ever...
    I hope I don't run into any women with your jaw line! lol

    Are you in a bathroom? That tile looks very bathroom-y

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Mynta Swirl~ View Post
    Somebody should post a picture. Do it, ElyPopsicle.
    My pictures are in another thread, I don't like scrutiny!

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    Well where do all the girls take their pictures? :P yea bathroom

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    Can I ask why this thread is suddenly allowed to be a chat thread again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    Can I ask why this thread is suddenly allowed to be a chat thread again?
    <insert no fun allowed meme pic here>
    May I ask when you became such a paragon of forum virtue?
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    Chatting has always been allowed. The problem is when we go for 10 pages without a single picture.
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