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    mass guild recruit invite addon?

    just wondering wat the addon is that does wat it says in the title

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    Do you mean like inviting all the people in a raid/party, or all the people on your server? Please be more descriptive.

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    "Mass Guild Inviter/MGI"
    might have to change some of the code to get it to work but w/e

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    i mean on the server i have an alt guild ive been helping ppl in and i need to inv the server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Begrudge View Post
    i mean on the server i have an alt guild ive been helping ppl in and i need to inv the server
    Do you realize how fucking annoying this is?

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    It's a dirty, underhanded way of recruiting and you will just end up with a terribly disorganized guild with all kinds of people you might not want in it.
    I got really really angry with random whispers and guild invites being thrown in my face several times a day that I had to block guild invites.

    Don't do it, decent people hate it.
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    Awesome, everyone likes being randomly invited to guilds that they didn't ask to be a part of!
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    From what I know of this is against the Terms of Service.
    I remember reading something about addon scripts or addon exceptions. I don't remember fully but it could also have been a blue post on the official World of Warcraft forums. :s
    I remember reading about it because I always got random invites on the Public Test Realm all the time so I decided to see if there was a rule against it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Blackmore View Post
    Do you realize how fucking annoying this is?
    yea i just love creating a new level 1 character that no one even knows about (completely intended because sometimes i want to play in peace), then boom i get spammed with guild invites when i'm in the middle of nowhere. lovely addon. /sarcasm.

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