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    I live around the corner from that place...let me know when you're going to try and I'll go cheer you on! :P

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    i had an operation when i was younger that completely stops Trolling BS from entering my brain. I mean i see it hear it and understand it but nothing ever gets in.

    You wont finish it unless your gorging for weeks to stretch ur stomach, Have fun being like the corpse in 7 u know Gluttony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurabolt View Post
    and (of course) bragging rights.
    "Look at me I just did something extremely stupid AND ate with no pleasure at all, how cool is that ?!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Landriss View Post
    "Look at me I just did something extremely stupid AND ate with no pleasure at all, how cool is that ?!"
    Cooler than making a post knocking someone for trying.. wow...

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    Do you get the kick ass t-rex?

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    Once I saw the word "pickle" I knew I couldn't do it. Pickles are the most disgusting food to me, even tasting one makes me throw up.

    I remember one night when I took a nap my parents came home with a chicken basket from some place in another town. I opened it and saw a pickle there, no biggie just take it out and eat my food. Every single thing in that basket tasted like a pickle. The chicken, the fries, the bread, everything. So guess where I went after just eating a bit? That's right, the bathroom...
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    Scientists have proven your body has a shutoff switch for fat absorption when it experiences a large amount of food in a short amount of time. If you eat 7 feasts over cristmas weekend your body wont let you gain more than about 2 pounds (instead of the 10 you would probably get from eating the same amount and type of food over a normal period of time).

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    There's a good amount of food challenges here in Cali, but I'm not so sure burger wise. I don't think In N' Out makes the 20x20 anymore, which is a real shame. I'm known for being a major fatty even though I'm pretty lean and skinny-ish. I don't know, I just want to try something out like this in my lifetime for the lulz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergtau View Post
    This challenge has never been completed. I don't think it's humanly possible. That amount of food is roughly the equivalent of 1.5-2 babies.

    The OP will fail miserably.
    hahahaha that comparison. "Dude you just ate 1.5 babies"

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    EDIT: I fixed the typo regarding the burger's weight.

    Whoops, I missed a typo XD

    The Burger is 5 lbs.
    You also get 5 lbs. of fries.
    Not sure about the pickle but you get free drinks to go with it.

    Total weight: 10 lbs.

    I do apologize for not catching the typo earlier. I always order my burgers well done (had a bad experience with a medium rare burg once as a kid. NEVER AGAIN) so that's extra weight off the burger right there.

    The EDC is STILL undefeated. I asked the owner myself on Sunday. If you've been to Eagle's Deli you'd know that whenever someone beat one of their challenges for the first time in the past, that person got naming rights and they'd put a bigger challenge on the menu.

    How about this, Boub: If I do it, I name it the MMO-Champion Challenge ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freecookies View Post
    Do you get the kick ass t-rex?
    thats not T-Rex, THATS GODZILLA! I had that toy as a kid!

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    And i thought i eat unhealthy

  13. #273 - This man probably can eat that in under 5mn....

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    Ugh... I can barely eat a burger from a steak place! Just too big. That actually made me gag just thinking about it :P

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    (Dont know if its been posted, didn't check all 14 pages!)
    You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I'm around, you'll always be second best, see?
    Oh, and no comment from Xe'ra about how the assault on the black temple was being led in part by the naaru. So was hatred corrupting A'dal's mind too, you pretentious windchime?
    - Volpethrope

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defengar View Post
    thats not T-Rex, THATS GODZILLA! I had that toy as a kid!
    My mistake good sir, awesome fuckin toy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ot4ku-mh View Post
    And again:
    jesus that guy is a machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathcrab View Post
    hahahaha that comparison. "Dude you just ate 1.5 babies"
    I was thinking the same thing. If only the challenges were named that way, then people would brag about how many babies they ate.

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    I heard about Furious Pete and I noticed the video cropped while he was eating the fries.

    He cheated and thus the Eagles Deli Challenge wasn't renamed in his honor. After all, there were like a hundred witnesses XD

    Seriously though, it was an unofficial challenge on his part. I recognized several of the people in the posted vid. They said he'd been told upon finishing he wouldn't be getting naming rights. I saw proof of that on Sunday so...yeah.

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    I could eat it, not within the allotted time, but possible to eat it yes.
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