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    The Music in RIFT is seriously underrated

    As title says, the music in this game is rarely spoken about in "Great Videogame music" threads. But after playing it again for the last month, I find myself just chilling out to the music on Youtube now.

    Like this:
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    Try going through Seratos and Morban late at night, lights out and headphones on

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    For me it was that there were too few tracks, not the quality.

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    The only reason I have my soul recall set to sanctum is the 'chapel' music, my fav, I let it finish once always before exiting lol

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    the 2nd track is my favorite... sounds stupid but once i was sad and just listened to that music in game and closed my eyes for 2 min. felt a lot better after that

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    Yea, Rift does have some beautiful music. I love the music from the Atagarian Well.

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    Though I hate the zone I love the epic music from Steppes of Infinity when you get to the Infinity Gate part of the zone.

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    Many great MMOs are underrated just because they are not WoW.
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    The Rift Soundtrack is alright. I don't think many songs tend to stick out very well, but they're very Martin Shore/LotR soundtrack feeling. Most of them are pretty simple hymns, but they're good for what they are. The game is still bad, though.

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    I agree, it's part of what got me in to making my own soundtrack music shameless plug inc....

    Parts 1,2&3 actually have a fan-fiction story attached to them, its over on the rift forums. the series is called unearthing the dendrome. also theres fae yule and the rise which are also rift inspired.

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