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    Where are my plaques of Achievement

    I came back to Rift after a long break and as I started clearing through my stuff and putting my armor sets in my wardrobe, I realized right before I quit, I upgraded my Exponent's girdle to the Exemplar's version. Since I want to put the whole Exponent's set back together, I went to the plaque vendor to purchase another, but they were gone from my inventory.
    I put in a ticket first to get the piece restored, but the GM was unable to assist with my request.
    In email conversation, I followed up with if they were unable to restore the item, where were my plaques and was there a way to earn more of which I was met with another unable to help response which left me more then a bit frustrated.

    My questions are:
    Does anyone know what happened to the plaques and is there still a way in game to earn them?
    Is there any way to convert other in-game currencies to the plaques?
    Is there any chance of getting a restoration of the existing item? or another way to purchase it with credits or plat?

    Thanks in advance for any information. I've been thinking of resuming my patron status, but after this am a little concerned about customer service. Any thoughts on this would also be appreciated.

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    Weren't plaques the old Vanilla Expert Dungeon currency?

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    POA were converted to currency during a one time conversion of all older currencies. They have been in the process of realigning all of the older and lower level items that are still in-game with a general broad use currency that is easily obtainable. You might want to hit up the Rift forums and check the dev tracker or search function for the dev working on this and hit him up as this might have fell through the cracks.

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