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    3.6 now on PTS to Test

    So we had a nice meaty 3.3GB update to the PTS yesterday and some parts of Update 3.6 have appeared, first thing you notice when you log on is a new daily reward system where you can claim a free item each day, this works on top of the existing lockbox you also receive for logging in daily.

    It will cover 3 weeks out of every month so you get 21 days before it cycles back.

    The goodie list includes:


    1: Bundle of Drinks (BoA)
    2: Rune Unsocketing Apparatus
    3: Artifact Bundle (BoA)
    4: A Very Large Bag of Crafting Marks
    5: Void Stone
    6: Harvesting Resource Bundle
    7: Affinity Point
    8: Food Bundle (BoA)
    9: Abyssal Crusader's Marks
    10: Medium Artifact Bundle (BoA)
    11: Noteriety Grab Bag (BoA)
    12: Void Stone Accelerator
    13: Hunting Resource Bundle (BoA)
    14: Fragments of Madness
    15: Feast of the Ghar
    16: Abyssal Crusader's Accelerator
    17: Large Artifact Bundle (BoA)
    18: Dream Orb Bundle (BoA)
    19: Planar Infusion (1 million PA XP)
    20: Mystical Resource Bundle (BoA)
    21: Large Sack of Currency (BoA)

    Nothing that earth shattering but all free and for everyone alike, F2P players and Patrons

    Next up for testing are the new Planar Attunement trees which add nice stats like +2 to spell power/attack power and other such goodies, what's interesting is that this was supposed to be unlocked with either credits or the in-game currency of ACM (Abyssal Crusader's Marks) but one of the Devs, Ginger, posted that it will be free for everyone.

    it will have no credit or currency cost to unlock
    Source: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...82-new-pa.html

    Always short of Bank spaces? bags always full? well the good news is that Bank Vaults can be doubled in size, the nad news is that this will cost credits

    If you're a pet lover, Warrior and Rogue pets get a new one each, for Warriors the Beastmaster soul gets this Roc:

    The Rogue Ranger soul gets a Griffon:

    That seems to be it for the first lot of new stuff coming in Rift Update 3.6 for next month, bear in mind this is PTS and things can change

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    Them not charging for the additional PA levels is great. The initial decision to do so was pants on head retarded. Are the new BM/Ranger pets paid? Assuming yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge- View Post
    Are the new BM/Ranger pets paid?
    Not on the PTS, they just appear as another Pet summon in your spellbook and i've seen nothing mentioned about them costing money, now the new souls will

    Also up and active for testing is this year's Carnival of the Ascended which has some changes for the 5th Anniversary of Rift, Sanctum and Meridian have been 'tidied' up and the Carnival there now appears more compact and better laid out, Shimmersand got moved to the centre of Fortune's Shore so feels a bit 'cramped'

    It seems they want all the emphasis to be on the Tempest Bay location as there's a special Storyline quest chain for the Carnival which has you visiting some Old World zones as well as Plane Touched Wilds to stop an evil construct army been built

    The reward at the end of the quest line is a Tier 3 quality Cape so not too shabby, also new is a special Carnival of the Ascended Instant Adventure set in Tempest Bay and is loosely based around some Boglings who get ideas above their station and think they're reincarnations of the Bloodstorm Gods so you have Bogforge, Bogscale and others "named" after the dragons

    Speaking of Bogforge, eh i mean Maelforge, also new are continued 'Tales of the Ascended' at the arena in Shimmersand where you have a daily to summon different bosses each day and learn the background story behind them, you get to fight Shadow Maelforge, Kain and a 1,000 different Teths, if you watched the Live stream last night you'd have seen a few full raid groups taking on the mobs, took a few Dev spells to help us win

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