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    [A-CST-PVE] 12/13 HM -- US#70 LF Tank/DPS

    About Us:
    Gwen Stefani is the number one guild on the Blackhand Server and top #100 US. We are looking for experienced, solid players to compete in our raid ranks. We are a 4 day a week raid guild, raiding Mon-Thursday 7pm-10pm CST.

    Current Progression:
    12/13 Cata (heroic)
    12/12 Cata 25's (regular)
    12/12 ICC (heroic) + HRS

    Cataclysm Server Firsts (All 25 man unless noted otherwise):
    Heroic Halfus
    Heroic Chimaeron
    Heroic Conclave
    Heroic Maloriak
    Heroic Magmaw
    Heroic Atramedes
    Heroic ODS
    Heroic Twin Dragons
    Heroic Nefarion
    Heroic Cho'gall
    Heroic Al'akir (10 man)
    Heroic Sinestra

    Recruitment Needs:
    Tank: 1x of any class, high priority.
    DPS: Accepting exceptional applications of any spec.
    Healers: 1x Resto Druid, 1x Resto Shaman -- both medium priority.

    You can find our website at: www.GSguild.us

    Contact Information:
    You can contact Veíled (note the special character) or any officers in-game on Blackhand, or by real ID at [email protected].


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