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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    people who smoke weed past primary school dont deserve jobs. weed is for little kids. you should stop smoking it and move on to real people things

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    I found this poor neglected thread 20 pages back.

    You can find some samples of his songs coming out on his next album. It's gonna be a good one.
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    Tyler the Creator's New album "Wolf" - whole album

    Also, can't wait for the new Tech N9ne!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youvegotfail View Post

    Tyler the Creator's New album "Wolf" - whole album

    Also, can't wait for the new Tech N9ne!
    Trashwang has to one of the funniest songs I've ever heard.

    Not sure its actually supposed to satire or not though...

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    Listen kiddos, trust Handsome Jack. You want every part of this insanity.
    So many people are gonna die.

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    So 2013 might be one of the most exciting years for Hip-Hop for me.

    - New Wu-Tang
    - New Deltron 3030
    - New Madvillain
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    I really like almost every song on the new cd, but I think this is probably my favorite.

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    ah hip-hop here ya go. not my number 1 music choice but when the time is right.


    my uk contribution.


    jehst (and others) i like this tune it has a very underground feel.

    also its not very long but that 57th dynasty tune IF is one of my favs too.
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