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    May 2010
    undisclosed location in CA
    i eat sandwiches.
    i could give a shit.
    i play air guitar.

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    England UK
    I'ma Natural Ginger
    I have more Danish friends then English(I am English)
    I have Blue Eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    I'm a nerd
    I'm lazy
    I USED to be fat! bahaha (I still have some chub, leave me alone. ;3; )
    okay chubby.

    I'm weird
    I'm a nerd
    I hate almost everything.

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    Good with computers
    Out of energy after 5pm
    Out of Wow till 4.2 hits live
    Doesn't know when to walk away

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    Nova-Scotia, Canada
    -I'm ridiculously way over-creative.
    The other day I was scribbling on a piece of paper, turned the scribble into a staircase and in about 15 minutes I drew 3 girls, a dragon and a platypus. My friend took the paper because it was hilarious.

    -I can't criticize things or people unless absolutely everything is wrong.

    I'm really nice and very empathetic so I can't stand hurting people I care about about. Sometimes I even have trouble throwing things out because I feel sorry for the garbage. Don't judge me.

    -I think MADD is the most pointless charity group or w/e. Seriously.

    It's already illegal, frowned upon, it's a well known problem and the only way to stop it is to get rid of cars or alcohol. I understand supporting victims of drunk driving, and I think thats all the group should keep doing. Everything else is done.
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    1. I never made it to 6ft (5'11 3/4")
    2. I have small hands, but long fingers
    3. I'm autistic in the sense that I can remember minor details if the subject interests me. But forget very important information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightstorm View Post
    I'm hyper-intelligent,
    I'm unimaginably handsome,
    I'm a compulsive liar.
    You sir made me laugh! thank you

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    I'm hairier than David Hasselhoff and Robin Williams combined

    I just found Fatboy Slim again after many years break

    Didn't sleep

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    New World!
    1.metal 24/7
    2.its easy to make me smile
    3.dont give a crap about ppl

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