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    i agree with marmolo...its horrible

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    WoW amazing Job Blizzz , with firelands and all the tier sets!!! some of there best work to date! its gunna be an epic time in firelands, as well as rockin the awsome tier gear..!!!

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    The T12 priest hood reminds me of Auron from FF10 lmao

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    @Music Questions (Priest T12):

    Thanks for not showing Draenei in the Vid. Ah well Blueish colors actually look nice, but orange ones look horrible.

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    Priest helm looks like a retardedly oversized version of the ZA cloth helms IMHO.

    Go go blizz's innovations with new, overly shiny graphics...

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    PTR Boss Kill Playlist from Blood Legion, multiple pov's for every fight (tank,rogue,mage).

    youtube. com/playlist?p=PL17734DA9EBF23A63

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endothermal View Post
    Originally Posted by Lylirra
    Not specifically for the daily quest hubs, but we are adding a separate reputation for the Firelands raid currently called the "Avengers of Hyjal." It'll work a lot like Ashen Verdict, except it'll be an even bigger pain in the ass to get to exalted.
    Also! Haste/Mastery belt and ring, Use: Trinket, no Agility cloak? ...Why exactly should my Hunter care about you guys, again?
    The "Nimble Flamewrath Cloak" is obviously supposed to be Agil/Stam instead of Str/Stam. Stop freaking out.
    Hey, remember when I dropped my keys and you thought the phone was ringing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    The "Nimble Flamewrath Cloak" is obviously supposed to be Agil/Stam instead of Str/Stam. Stop freaking out.
    Fears Assuaged: 1/4
    Pains In The Ass Remaining: 3/4

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    why are there two melee cloaks and there there isnt an agility one?

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    spell dps plate? um...

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    People act like this is the final version of the rep rewards.

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    happy for hide helm on priest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velyndina View Post
    People act like this is the final version of the rep rewards.
    Other people act like we can't comment on them as they are now.

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    Looks like priest would drown with that helm if a bad storm came along.

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    Nice to hear that the new rep faction won't be a quick grind of farming trash! Gief old school long-ass grind that requires dozens of full-clears!

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    thank god youtube player has a mute button

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    Where is t12 preview troll female?

    Nice look.

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    I love the priest set. One thing however, I wish the blue set doesn't go live. I honestly don't like the colors of it at all, other 2 are good, just not the blue one.
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    I really hope they realise they have no agi cloaks for the new faction quartermasters...

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    I'm more interested in knowing the name of the song in the Ragnaros Preview video.

    Edit: I found it!
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