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    yup i 100% agree that is pure art.

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    That is pretty badass.

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    Old topic, new thread.

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    /bow that is art

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    That's a good one. I enjoy it. Reminds me of the Wind Waker.
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    That's badass. I'd hang that on my wall in an instant.

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    I could put that on my wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    That's a good one. I enjoy it. Reminds me of the Wind Waker.
    That's exactly what I thought.

    To artist, bravo, beautifully done.
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    No Draenei? No undead?

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    Is it weird to mention that I have an erection right now?
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    there is a blood elf one also. i cant fidn it though

    some 1 find it and pst it

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    I'd like to issue an open challenge for someone to take that art and use it to create a real-life totem, maybe 30 feet tall.

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    As weird as THIS sounds, I'd like to imagine this on a lovely young lady's back as a tattoo. Oh man. So badass!

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    I like that we can see Azshara's booty.

    But seriously, this is some pretty spectacular artwork. Just like it was about a month ago when most of us first saw it.

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    Absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Wow. I really wish there was a windowpane, a gigantic one, with that on it. Geez, it's stunning. *_* Awesome work to the artist!

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    That's pretty epic, and an awesome coincidence considering I'm re-playing all my Zelda games in my spare time and happen to be on Wind Waker right now, but I have to give my nod to this paladin preparing to remind whatever poor sod threatened that little girl that lawful good doesn't mean lawful nice.

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    that is also a good one callei def in my top

    still cant find the blood elf one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Facerockker View Post
    Is it weird to mention that I have an erection right now?
    Yes, go see a doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    Yea that's a good one !

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